Give Thanks For The Circles Around You

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.29.39 PMFor some it takes a special day to say thank you, or a special occasion to feel gratitude.

Some people have everything they need to be happy, but all they feel is an empty void that they work on filling.

Others seemingly have very little. terrible things may happen to them, yet they feel content and rich.

What’s the difference?

The secret lies within the circles they draw around themselves. Instead of chasing nourishment and fulfillment from outside, the ones who feel content and rich focus their desires and gratitude closer to home, within the circles that surround them.

Let’s take a moment to think gratefully about the circles that embrace us.

Make your  list—the point is to trace through your own circles, whatever they are, with love and show gratitude.

Which circle will you give thanks to?

You. The innermost circle.

You are important. Some believe you should begin with gratitude toward others, but I believe giving thanks should start at home, with yourself. You’ve made it through tough times, dark days, mistakes, failures, rejections. It’s OK to acknowledge your strengths and be proud. You must be kind to yourself before you can acknowledge another.

Your partner/spouse/lover/best friend circle.

There may be one person in your life who’s above all the rest. Most of us crave to be with another, because we enjoy a partnership. It’s a great feeling to have someone who knows you inside out, appreciates you and is always happy to spend time with you. Let that person know how much you appreciate them. A great partner is a wonderful gift.

Your family and friends circle.

These are the people you love the most, the ones you choose to spend time with—the ones whose love you can trust. These are the people you can relax and be yourself with. You may sometimes take them for granted, but remember to acknowledge and cherish them because they’re the ones who will always be there for you.

Your work and social circle.

Every day you’re surrounded by familiar faces—co-workers, employees, casual friends. They may not be the closest to you, but they’re part of your daily life and important to your happiness. Make it a point to give thanks for those in your work and social circle, because they’re likely closer to your heart than you think.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to express your thanks. Make giving thanks a holiday every day for those within the circles you draw around yourself.

Do it by honoring yourself, appreciating your partner, being grateful for your family and friends, and acknowledging your work and social circles. They’re the people who make the difference in your life, the ones who keep you from living in the void.

Lead from within: A thankful heart is contagious, but you don’t have to wait to catch it from others. Start your own epidemic today.


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  1. Cosimo Galletti

    25. Nov, 2015

    Hi Lolly, I enjoyed your article! Gratitude is at the center of happiness and success. I agree with your belief on beginning with yourself and working out. Too often, I see leaders be harder on those closest to themselves and overcompensate by being grateful to those furthest from them. When I work with clients I will begin with the closest circles of family and build an understanding for them that first family holds the greatest opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. Our first family is a mirror for who we are. If we can begin to be grateful to those closest to us we will soon realize that it is more difficult to offer acceptance and gratitude to them because they are a constant reminder of the things were dislike about our own character. By learning to accept them we will learn to accept ourselves for who we are. Leaders in business have the same struggles with their closest teams. By doing the same exercise the leader can be more understanding and accepting of themselves. Thank you so much for the opportunity to comment on your article. Cosimo

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  2. skipprichard1

    28. Nov, 2015

    I like the circle illustration and especially this last thought:

    “A thankful heart is contagious, but you don’t have to wait to catch it from others. Start your own epidemic today.”

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  3. Sunil Raina

    06. Jun, 2016

    Gratitude is the best Attitude. And I’m floored by:

    Lead from within: A thankful heart is contagious, but you don’t have to wait to catch it from others. Start your own epidemic today.

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  4. Sunil Raina

    06. Jun, 2016

    Gratitude is the best Attitude.

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  5. Danae

    10. Jun, 2016

    I have found taking time to purposefully think about the simple things in life I appreciate does wonders to change my perspective. I like to think of three things that I am thankful for at the end of each day. Thanks for writing; love your insights!

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