7 Things Wealthy People Do Every Weekend

Weekends are a squandered resource, too often spent either doing more work or in a passive cycle of sleep, food, drink, and pointless activity that’s easy on the brain. But a good weekend should refuel your spirit and rejuvenate you for whatever the week ahead will bring.

Here’s what the super successful people do on their weekends that resets and refreshes them. Read through and see what you can start incorporating into your own weekend.

1. Plan an agenda. Even for a weekend, it’s important to have a plan. You don’t need a micromanaged, minute-by-minute schedule, but you should have a loose agenda so you can make the most of your time and prioritize the things that mean the most to you.

2. Make time for important relationships. Good time with those you love is always time well spent. Whether it’s children, a spouse or partner, parents, friends, or pets, use part of the weekend to reconnect.

3. Move your body. Exercise doesn’t just strengthen and relax your body but builds your mind as well. Of course, it’s not effective to exercise only on the weekends, but it’s nice to schedule a good workout or two when you’re not crunched to get to work.

4. Pursue your interests. Truly successful people are interesting people with interesting pursuits. They know that hobbies and other activities outside work are a potent force for happiness (and may lead to a great business idea).

5. Go someplace special. Even the most high-pressured Type A’s like to get away once in a while. A mini vacation is a great way to leave behind all your responsibilities and get into something new.

6. Unplug. Designate a period of time as a “screen Sabbath” and turn off all your screens–phone, laptop, tablet, TV. The distance creates space for other things that are important in life and will remind you that you control your screens, not the other way around.

7. Connect with the arts. When was the last time you took in a concert, a play, a music festival, or a museum exhibition? The arts stimulate imagination and renew energy.

8. Engage in meditation. Meditation can lower high blood pressure, decrease tension, and improve productivity, creativity, and well-being. Setting some time aside for meditation or prayer helps you be the best you can be for the week ahead.

9. Don’t overschedule. Keep your commitments to a minimum, limit your chores, and banish busywork. You want to start your week rejuvenated, not exhausted.

10. Pick up a book. Whether you want to acquire information or escape to a different world, spend some time with a book. Visit a bookstore or public library to stock up.

11. Take a (short) nap. Many of us go into the weekend with a sleep deficit. Long periods of daytime sleep will leave you groggy, but a short afternoon nap is enjoyable, physically beneficial, and good for maintaining energy and attention.

12. Learn something new. Learning not only gives you new knowledge but it can also improve your confidence. Find a subject you’re interested in, a skill you want to develop, or an area you want to explore more deeply. From there, you can sign up for a weekend class or online study, put together an informal study group, or make your own learning plan.

13. Review, reflect, renew. Take time to walk through the highs and lows of the past week, and reflect on your goals and areas where you’d like to improve.

14. Keep a journal. Journaling is therapeutic, helps disentangle thoughts, and gives you a written record of your life. Whether your journal is personal or professional, getting thoughts down on paper is a great practice.

15. Pay it forward. Find ways to share your knowledge and blessings by serving as a volunteer, mentor, or coach.

16. Plan again. Take a few moments to plan and prepare for the upcoming week so you can hit Monday ready to go.

Of course, you can’t do all of these every weekend, but find a few items that stick with you and give them a try.

Time is a precious resource, and you’re sure to benefit from making good investments with your weekend time.


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