Lolly Daskal

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Until recently, a healthy growing economy left room for many competitors to prosper alongside one another. In the space of a decade, however, a competitive global market and the end of steady growth have changed the name of the game.

Lolly has a remarkable understanding of what it really takes to succeed in business and life –– connecting with people. She is unbelievably smart at crafting programs that can change a company’s culture and set people in motion to do great things. Her passion and caring are palpable and infectious. She is very insightful and shares her experience and knowledge freely. She has inspired me to be a much better person, leader, and friend.

Valerie Erdman – Sr. Business Development Manager, DSM

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Why do some organizations consistently win, while others run from crisis to crisis?

For the answer, we need to take a closer look inside these organizations.

Some organizations can’t seem to get out of their own way. People work at cross-purposes, waste valuable resources, and get bogged down with bureaucracy and red tape. In these organizations, form becomes more important than substance, the blame game and mistrust is rampant.

In order for an organization to succeed, there must be a shared vision of its purpose and goals; a strong culture supported by honest communication; shared values; common understanding of the organization’s limited resources; and across-the-board acceptance of the direction and urgency required to achieve excellence.

Lolly can help you to:

  • Define, develop, and strengthen your leadership team
  • Create leadership alignment
  • Build a trusting, values-driven culture
  • Strengthen effective communication
  • Create dynamic teams and meaningful relationships
  • Engage people to embrace change and continuous improvement
  • Move beyond compliance and create real commitment
  • Establish cultural transformation

Lolly Daskal has spent over two decades inspiring and empowering leaders to be great and remain at the top of their game. She has experience, skills, and the proprietary tools required to help your organization achieve excellence.

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