Lolly Daskal

I have come to know Lolly through her work with our global leadership team at DSM Biomedical. Lolly focuses on what she calls ‘“To Lead From Within”; leadership from one’s values, beliefs, story, history and personality. Building on seemingly small wins she brought heart and soul into our team. Working with her has been one of the most inspiring and prodigious leadership development moments in my career, and look forward to our continuing interactions.

Marc Hendriks – Director of Global RT&D, DSM Biomedical

Lolly has a remarkable understanding of what it really takes to succeed in business and life –– connecting with people. She is unbelievably smart at crafting programs that can change a company’s culture and set people in motion to do great things. Her passion and caring are palpable and infectious. She is very insightful and shares her experience and knowledge freely. She has inspired me to be a much better person, leader, and friend.

Valerie Erdman – Sr. Business Development Manager, DSM

Lolly Daskal is a great consultant who puts heart back into business and leadership. Before Lolly came to work with our company we were experiencing some very challenging times. Lolly connected with our company, on a very deep level, and helped us address some very tough issues. Now that our organization is thriving I look back to our experience with Lolly as a real game changer. If you’re looking for someone to help you create the positive change that’s required in your business, Lolly’s the one to call. She was truly transformational for our business.

Sam Sherman – President NYC

I owe Lolly my life. She is so good at what she does. She helped me put passion back into my business and back into my life. Now I am thriving and happier than ever. She is filled with such passion and energy. You can live off her energy for weeks and months. I do.

Brent M. – Consulting

Lolly is creative, delightful and so passionate about what she does. My business was in trouble. I felt it needed something, but I wasn’t sure what. I hired Lolly to help me create a plan. She provided great advice. In less than a week I saw a major shift in my business. Her energy is contagious.

Catherine N. – MyjewelDesigns

Lolly’s energy is intoxicating. I instantly connected with Lolly. She was able to help me reinvigorate the culture of my business with such passion. Lolly really cares. Her coaching skills are invaluable. Working with Lolly has dramatically changed my life.

Lydia F. – GreenerBusiness

Lolly Daskal is an amazing person. I have seen her launch countless successful businesses for her clients. She truly understands what it takes to create a successful business plan tailored to specific market needs. She then methodically executes the plan with timely, effortless grace. If you need somebody on your team to help you achieve your organizational goals look no further than Lolly. Her work is truly inspirational.

John Anderson – Principal, Creative Solutions, LLC

Working with Lolly has helped me strengthen my self esteem, which enabled me to be more confident in making major decisions; my employees now have the freedom to be creative and do the things they were hired to do; now I see myself as their leader and CEO.

Stephen P. – President