Why So Many Successful Managers Fail to Become Great Leaders

There are many successful managers who have the skills and expertise to drive results and achieve success in their roles. However, not all of these managers are able to transition from successful managers to great leaders.

Here are five reasons why so many successful managers fail to become great leaders:

Lack of vision: Great leaders are able to set a clear direction and inspire others to follow. On the other hand, successful managers provide the details for direction. If you get stuck as a manager and don’t rise above the details to have a clear vision, you will fail to become a great leader.

Ineffective coaching: Great leaders are able to help their team members solve problems. However, successful managers tend to give answers rather than help their team find solutions. If you are unable to coach others as a manager, you will fail to become a great leader.

Lack of people development: Great leaders understand the importance of investing in their team’s development and providing opportunities for growth and advancement. On the other hand, successful managers prioritize projects over people. If you get stuck on concentrating only on project and forgo developing your people, you will fail to become a great leader.

Relying too much on giving answers: Great leaders value asking questions, seek input and foster collaboration. However, successful managers pride themselves on having answers. To become a great leader, you must be willing to ask questions and seek input from your team, otherwise you will fail to become a great leader.

Inability to inspire: Great leaders are able to inspire their team to achieve greatness. On the other hand, successful managers are more comfortable with comforting rather than inspiring. To become a great leader, you must be able to inspire and motivate your team, otherwise you fail to become a great leader.

Successful managers who fail to become great leaders may struggle to pivot their mindset and develop the skills necessary for leadership. To succeed in becoming a great leader, it’s important to address areas such as vision, coaching, people development, asking questions, and inspiring. By developing these traits, managers can make the transition to becoming great leaders.

Lead From Within: Great leadership is not about achieving individual success, but rather about empowering and inspiring others to achieve success as a team.


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