Why Falling In Love With Your Title Is Bad For Your Leadership

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the most common ways they are recognized is by their title. Titles like CEO, manager, or supervisor are used to indicate a person’s level of authority and responsibility within an organization. However, it is important to remember that a title is not what makes a leader, it’s the actions and behavior of the person that hold the title that truly determine their effectiveness as a leader.

Falling in love with your leadership title can have negative consequences for both you and your team. Here are four ways in which falling in love with your title can be bad for your leadership:

Leading with arrogance: A leader who becomes too attached to their title may begin to believe that they are better than others. This can lead to arrogance, which can make it difficult for them to connect with and understand the needs of their team.

Leading with inaccessibility: A leader who is enamored with their title may become isolated and detached from their team. This can make them seem unapproachable, and make it difficult for team members to communicate with or ask questions of their leader.

Leading with lack of empathy: When a leader is focused on their title, they may become less empathetic and understanding of the concerns of their team members. This can lead to a lack of trust and respect from their team, which is a key part of effective leadership.

Leading with neglect of responsibilities: When a leader is preoccupied with their title, they may neglect their actual responsibilities, like decision making, team management and problem-solving, causing problems in the team and organization.

In conclusion, effective leadership is not about the title, it’s about the actions and behavior of the person who holds it. It’s about how they show up, how they conduct themselves, and how they lead their team.

Lead From Within: When it comes to leadership it’s important to remember that titles are meaningless without the actions to back them up.


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