How difficult it is sometimes to wait for life to unfold, to restrain ourselves from trying to hurry it along or make things happen before its time.

In our eagerness for results, however, we forget that waiting is as important as part of life as doing.

There is a purpose for waiting, as Richard Wilhelm, observes in his translation of the I Ching, the book of Changes,. “Waiting is not the mere empty hoping. It has the inner certainty of reaching the goal.”

The period of waiting is a valuable time, during which we can strengthen our inner resources.
If there is nothing we can do about a situation except wait, we can use that opportunity to relax, research, and reflect- all highly useful activities that invariably lead the direction of clarity.

Lead From Within: Like any opportunity, waiting can be used to your advantage

Call To Action: If you are currently in a position of waiting, how can you use the time productively?

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  1. Shawn Murphy

    18. Apr, 2010

    My dad likes to tell me I know two gears: 1st and 5th gear. He reminds me to find neutral. Neutral, in car talk, is like waiting. Waiting to let the rush go by and simply be. Waiting to observe what is and simply be. Waiting to let come when we don’t know what to do, how to act, or how to be. Simply wait. Simply be.

    Thank you, Lolly, for reminding us that waiting is as valuable as doing.

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    • Lolly Daskal

      18. Apr, 2010

      Shawn, Thank you for sharing. Your father sounds like a man of much wisdom. So good to see you here!

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