Trust Matters. Learn How To Earn It and Keep It.

The importance of trust is an emerging topic in business these days, showing up in advertisements, blogs, books and in articles. But unlike most buzzwords, trust is an enduring concept.

Trust matters because it is at the core of everything we do. With it, few things are out of reach; without it, leadership is meaningless.

Aristotle defines his concept of ethos, or trust, as comprising three attributes: first, intelligence and competence; second, character (that is, reliability and honesty); and third, goodwill.

These same elements of competence, reliability, honesty and consistency continue to form the foundation of trust. Cultivate these elements within yourself, and the trust of others will follow.

So how can you earn trust?

Be credible. Hold yourself to a high standard. No cutting corners, no coverups. Everything you do as a leader is transparent and as good as your word.

Be consistent. Constantly evaluate yourself, measuring your accomplishments and actions not against others but against your goals, your words, your beliefs.

Be competent. Insecure leaders may resort to bragging, but truly competent leaders allow their work to speak for itself. That means a commitment to learning and to building a base of experience.

Be connected. Connection is at the heart of trust—when you are connected you care about others, you communicate with them, you demonstrate the trust and respect you wish to receive.

And once you have trust, how can you keep it?

Be an example. Make sure your actions match your words and beliefs. Lead by example, instructing others through consistency, competency and communication.

Speak the truth. When the topic is difficult, when circumstance are challenging—that is when the truth is most important. When you speak from truth, you deepen respect.

Lead with integrity. Make sure you keep your actions congruent with your values and your words. That consistency is what integrity is made of.

Be accountable. Don’t hide your mistakes or make excuses. Be accountable for your actions and let everyone see you learn from them.

Help others succeed.Become an advocate for others and work for the advancement of those around you. When you help others succeed, learn and grow, you will not only earn trust but you will keep it for a long time.

Trust is at the heart of everything you do, the foundation of every relationship—with employees, colleagues, partners, family and friends- able to capitalize on what matters most.

Lead From Within: Trust is what matters most, and building trust requires an open mind, open heart and open will.



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  1. Robin Solis

    02. Dec, 2014

    Do people trust people more alike to themselves?

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    02. Dec, 2014

    It’s an remarkable piece of writing designed for alll the web viewers;they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

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  3. Panteli Tritchew

    02. Dec, 2014

    Trust is one of the few things that can’t be taken from anyone; they must give it willingly or not at all, and when they do, it’s an an honor, a privilege and fundamentally a gift.

    While perhaps not quite in the realm of Zen paradox, it’s at least ironic that something that must be given freely is also something that must be earned.

    The four C’s in your list above, Lolly, are the coin of this realm.

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  4. LaRae Quy

    03. Dec, 2014

    Thanks for reminding us that trust is so important, Lolly!

    It’s one of those terms where everyone knows it when they experience it, but it can be difficult to explain or put into words.

    Like Aristotle, I believe it encompasses every aspect of our being.

    Have a great week!

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  5. Ajay Kumar Gupta

    05. Dec, 2014

    I appreciate the comment. Trust is the core pillar of any relationship- employer employee relationship, business relationship, people relationship etc. It takes more time to build trust, but moments to break it. Trust signifies character of the person. Untrustworthy person may get faster raise in the system because of following cultural trend, but it is sure that someday he has to face the consequences.
    It is equally important not to over rely on trust. It needs to be tested from time to time to ensure its reliability. Trust building is process and so is maintaining.

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  6. Sanjay Rakecha

    06. Dec, 2014

    The World is running on TRUST. Trust is very important thing all relationship.

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  7. Debbie Lentz

    16. Dec, 2014

    Aristotle’s teachings are still so relevant today. Amazing what the soothsayers of yesteryear provided us with into the 21st Century.

    Thank you for sharing this Cindy Tomack! You are inspiring!

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  8. Dawood Chishti

    01. Jan, 2015

    You are trusted when you have trust.

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