The Wisdom Of Whole Hearted Leading


Many of us are faced with uncertainty at every level and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. But there’s one commitment you can make that will help bring everything into line and that is living a whole-hearted life.

A whole hearted life gives our leadership wisdom in the following ways:

The power of heart: Alter your life by accessing the power of your heart. The heart’s wisdom of depth and experience- the heart gives us the deepest foundation for life.

No vision- no progress. A satisfying life can be built only on dreams and goals. Without them, we’re traveling without a map. Vision and goals keep us focused and energized and heart-centered, and make our lives more interesting, more useful and more successful.

I am possible:  Many of us have a limited perspective of what we can even accomplish—we like to think we know what we know. In reality, too often we know only limits and boundaries. But when we are whole-hearted, there are no limitations. We can achieve the things that only our imagination can conceive.

As you give, so you shall receive. The most powerful tool available to whole-hearted leading is the Golden Rule. There’s a reason that some version of it exists in virtually every culture on earth. Great power exists when we act heart to heart.

Gratitude opens our hearts. Give thanks for all that is good, for all that you have, and for every good thing that is on its way to you. Simply put, count your blessings. There’s not much room for complaining in a whole-hearted life.

Banishes fear. It’s important to know our fears so we can face them courageously. To move past fear into whole-hearted leading means increasing our understanding of ourselves and of others.

Wisdom is born of our mistakes, and knowledge of our failures. What if we look at our mistakes and our failures as opportunities to learn? What would happen if we could take every failure of thought and turn it into a positive plan? Life has a funny way of having us repeat our mistakes and failure until we learn our lesson. And we usually don’t learn our lessons until they become an experience we cannot forget.

Lead From Within: Your life is up to you to lead whole-heartedly or not. Your business, your company, your team, your organization, your family, your friends—they all provide the opportunity, as the leader you need to find the wisdom.



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Lolly Daskal is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. Her extensive cross-cultural expertise spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies. As founder and CEO of Lead From Within, her proprietary leadership program is engineered to be a catalyst for leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world.

Of Lolly’s many awards and accolades, Lolly was designated a Top-50 Leadership and Management Expert by Inc. magazine. Huffington Post honored Lolly with the title of The Most Inspiring Woman in the World. Her writing has appeared in HBR,, Fast Company (Ask The Expert), Huffington Post, and Psychology Today, and others. Her newest book, The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness has become a national bestseller.

  1. Jo Miller

    10. Feb, 2015

    Thank you for another inspiring post. I am writing each of the paragraph titles to keep handy for a quick moment of inspiration as I push through a challenging and productive February. Your wisdom always touches the best that is in me and helps me tap into the best I have to offer to others.

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  2. Sunil Jogdeo

    10. Feb, 2015

    Nice one as usual. Leading from within is possible with high quality mindfulness and obviously spiritual inclination is much needed..

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  3. Garren Fagaragan

    10. Feb, 2015

    Love it Lolly…

    This I can take to heart.

    Vision, belief, gratitude, courage, and right view. A powerful combination for whole hearted living and leadership.

    Thank you…

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  4. LaRae Quy

    10. Feb, 2015

    Special Forces and SEAL teams all use gratitude as the most powerful emotion to keep them going when under pressure.

    Gratitude pushes negativity out the door—once we believe in yourself to accomplish your goal, you’re already half way there!

    Great post, Lolly!

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  5. Panteli Tritchew

    11. Feb, 2015

    “Living a whole-hearted life.” Simple and lovely.
    “I am possible.” Complex and powerful.
    Beautiful post, Lolly.

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    • lollydaskal

      11. Feb, 2015


      Always without fail. Your words touch my heart.
      Thanks for your taking the time to share.
      Means the world to me.

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  6. Les Proctor

    05. Mar, 2015

    Thank you for what you do.

    The world is in great need of what you offer.

    Too many organizations leading with command/control rather than the heart.

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  7. Pardeep K Gupta

    02. Aug, 2015

    You yourself could be your best teacher!
    If you keep learning from your blunders.
    If you assimilate the knowledge (righteous) you acquired in the day before going to bed at night.
    You become your own teacher every morning.
    Keep learning till the moment, you meet your final destination.

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  8. Ram

    18. Oct, 2015

    Thanks for sharing Lolly….

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    • Name (required)

      08. Feb, 2016

      Lolly, thanks for sharing this wonderful post; it’s just as your usual ones -inspiring.

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    25. Jun, 2016

    Lolly- I have really enjoyed your posts. Although, this post is all very powerful and meaningful, one quote really sticks to me with such high value, “we like to think we know what we know. In reality, too often we know only limits and boundaries.”

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