The Sunday Blues: Why We Get Them, and How to Cure Them

It’s a common complaint, the low-level depression of a Sunday evening–the weekend gone, the work week stretching ahead. If you suffer from the Sunday blues, it’s likely that you haven’t dedicated sufficient time to rejuvenate, recharge, and destress.

Here are nine ways to order your life in a way that will help make the Sunday blues a distant memory:

1. Design your life. Be intentional about your goals–including your goals for the weekend as well as longer-term personal and professional goals. If you’re following in the direction you want to go, pursuing things that are important to you, you’re far more likely to head out of the weekend with a clear, refreshed and invigorated mind. Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started–and that’s a problem that can be fixed with planning.

2. Be present for yourself. Instead of zooming around, focus on whatever is in front of you, and complete it calmly and carefully. Once you get used to that way of working, you’ll find that you get things done much more quickly and with less stress. we will get it done quicker and with much less stress. Stay aware of yourself and present in the moment to remain grounded no matter what you’re doing.

3. Disconnect to connect. If you’re too stressed, by the time the weekend rolls around you can’t relax or calm yourself down. Create a period of relaxation by disconnecting as much as possible, from everything that causing you to stay in work mode and stress mode. your weekends should be reserved for disconnecting and unwinding. Some people benefit from a “screen Sabbath” by literally disconnecting from email and social media for part of the weekend. The more you disconnect the more you will be able to reconnect Monday morning feeling refreshed and rested.

4. Rest and recharge. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important elements in improving your quality of life, so it’s important that your weekend involve resting as much as you can so you recharge for the upcoming week. When you can rest your mind you can have a calm heart. If you’re still not sleeping enough at night, take a nap. Studies show that 30 minutes is the best length, but as little as 15 minutes can refresh you.

5. Nurture body and spirit. On weekends, make sure to nurture your body and nourish your soul. Eat good food and replenish your system. Take a hike or spend some time in nature, attend a religious service, or visit a museum.

6. Focus on a hobby. Doing something that makes you feel proud and productive it is a great way to alleviate emotional stress. Get your mind doing something that you love, that keeps you motivated and that you find pleasurable. You can accomplish things in a setting where you answer only to yourself.

7. Give back to receive. The one sure way to truly feel good about yourself is to give back– to do something for someone besides yourself. Whether you volunteer at a local soup kitchen for an hour or work in a shelter, your weekend will feel extra satisfying. And you will have made a difference for someone else.

8. Pump yourself up. Shake off the work week with a good dose of exercise and activity. Fitness is vital for people with stressful jobs or lives. Play sports, take a walk, run, go to the gym, take spin classes, yoga class, anything to keep your blood pumping and your energy energized. Then find a way to pamper yourself as a reward.

9. Make time for loved ones. During the week, we often sacrifice time with friends, family, and community to make sure we meet all the deadlines and chores. When the weekend comes, make time for the people who are special to you. Plan a meal or an outing, or just hang out together. Connecting on a deep level with someone whose company you enjoy can get you feeling happy and recharged for days ahead.



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