The Present Moment

What does it really mean to  “live in the present moment?” Is living in the moment an emotional or an intellectual experience?

Does it mean that you do not think about the past or the future? How can you not think about the past or the future? That would not be possible or desirable. For you do need to recollect the past and to plan for the future at times. So lets explore what it means to “live in the present”.

“Living in the present” means living well in the present, living skillfully in the present and for that– you need wisdom, you need mindfulness, understanding and discipline. You need to know how to place your mind, how to compose your mind, how to steer your mind in the right direction — away from the distractions of the moment.

Projecting and frantic worry about the future mixed with a dose of past regrets, can actually make you heartsick. Life becomes merely a survival experience when you carry the burden of yesterday, today and tomorrow on your back, and sooner or later you will break down.

If you want to really experience life, just stop for a moment, right now. Look around you. Sense how your body feels. What are the feelings that are there? Right there in front of you in your awareness, that’s living in the present moment.

Choosing to live with your heart in the minutes and hours of today is the finest gift of freedom and self-love you can give yourselves.

Lead From Within: Do not let yesterday or tomorrow. Take up too much of today.

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  1. Kim E. Williams

    17. Oct, 2009

    i could write for a very long time on this subject. about 10 years ago i was faced with a life torn asunder and knew that i could not endure the changes that i had to personally make – for the rest of my life. fortunately, some wise people reminded me that life has a way of changing and in the mean time i could endure “Just for Today” that which seemed impossible for a life time.

    they were right and now, on my best days, i know that come what may – good or ill – it is just for today.

    thanks for the reminder to stop, extend my senses and be here and now…

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  2. Monica Diaz

    21. Oct, 2009

    For me it is also about being fully present. I know no better way of being in the moment than putting all of my self into whatever is at that time in my life. For example: at work, I work hard and passionately. My other passions ( love for my husband and sons, for example ) do not distract me from being in that moment. I accomplish very much when I flow with what I am doing or being at the time. Likewise, when I am with a friend talking, there is no one else, just her, just me, just us talking. When I am at home with my family there is no to do lists, just us having dinner, talking, being in the moment and building the memories of tomorrow together. This is how I build being in the moment and turn it into simply being myself at all moments. When I stray from it, I find that your advice comes in very handy: breathe, feel, sense…it always brings me back. THX, Lolly!

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  3. Percival M

    25. Oct, 2009

    Living in the present moment is an essence of Zen meditation. There is really no reality but the present moment. The past is PRESENT memory. The future is PRESENT anticipation. And so, the past and the future are really nonexistent. Therefore, you should not experience them, because they do not exist in the objective reality, except if you bring them up in your mind as your subjective reality.

    You may choose to bring them up as realities if their colors are positively bright and beautiful. This way, they could be helpful in your life and enhance your present experience.

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