The Power of Perspective: Why Your View as a Leader Matters

As an executive leadership coach, I often guide my clients on the importance of having the right perspective as a leader.

In my experience, a leader’s perspective is crucial because it is what people will follow. Therefore, it is essential for a leader to understand their perspectives, as their views truly matter.

There are four key perspectives that I believe a leader must have in order to make a meaningful impact on those they lead. These four will help leaders and their teams do their best work.

A leader must be able to shift perspective: This is especially important when it comes to making decisions. This helps leaders think more clearly, which can be crucial in times of uncertainty or high pressure.

A leader must expand their perspective: This is especially important when working with a team or managing people, as it allows the leader to expand their views; by incorporating the experience and expertise of others.

A leader must be able to see beyond their own perspective: This is especially important when it comes to seeing new possibilities for old problems, as this can be useful when dealing with complex or challenging situations.

A leader must be able to learn from their mistakes: This is especially important because when it comes to excelling in leadership.  The most effective leaders learn from their mistakes, so they don’t repeat them in the future.

The right kind of leadership perspective that matters is the one that allows us to see things in a new light, a new angle, and a new view. This knowledge gives us hope and inspiration that what we see, we can always improve upon.

Lead From Within: Perspective is crucial for leaders. The best leaders are those who are constantly pivoting, expanding, and learning from their own views in order to excel.

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