The Most Useful Leadership Guide to Managing Your Moods

There are few things more disruptive than a moody person in the workplace–especially if that person is in a leadership position.

We all have moods and emotions, but great leadership requires emotional health, and that includes knowing how to manage your moods.

If you’re prone to moodiness, here are some ways to turn it around and lead at your best:
Model the way.

In your behavior and attitudes, think about setting the right example and leading as a role model that others can respect. If you’re on the edge of a mood, remind yourself that you’re being watched and that your actions speak louder than your words.

Communicate to connect.

Communicate openly and authentically, and create an environment that encourages others to connect. Remember to always handle communication as a two-way dialogue, not a monologue.

Shape the culture.

To create an irresistible culture you have to build a workplace that encourages continuous learning, celebrates innovation, and empowers people to learn from each other. When emotions rule, the environment feels unstable and even unsafe. If people have to tiptoe around each other, not knowing what to expect at any given moment, an organizational culture quickly turns toxic.

Be consistent and predictable.

When you’re consistent with your words and actions, you create a climate of trust. People know where they stand, they have faith in you and your responses, and they’re not afraid to bring up the wrong thing or admit to a mistake.

Hold your focus.

If you can focus on people, culture, and results, without being distracted by other trivia, you can lead your organization into greatness. The confusion of an emotional roller coaster, on the other hand, diverts a lot of energy away from your mission.
Build your good character every day.

When you come to work happy and positive, productive, and serious, you lead with your values and establish a strong foundation. Optimism, enthusiasm, and respect are definitely contagious–as are pessimism, apathy, and contempt.

The first job of a leader is to set the mood so others can do their jobs. The best leaders know this, and are emotionally and mentally competent, healthy, and humble inside and out.

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    Humility , knowing who you are and what your priorities are , not too attached to a narrow dea of success helps lead one out many irritations !

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