The Best Ways to Show Care To The People On Your Team

Studies confirm what common sense tells us: people who are feel cared for at work are more engaged and effective. They’re happier, more positive and productive, and less likely to leave. Caring for the people who report to you doesn’t just make you a better boss—it has a positive effect on your entire organization, including the bottom line.

Here are some proven ways to show you care:

Be accepting. When people tell you something, they’re often looking for understanding instead of answers. Try to listen without judging. Open your mind and make hearing their point of view your only goal, then let them know they were heard by repeating and summarizing what was said. Don’t offer advice or solutions unless you’re sure they want to hear them.

Be interested. Without being intrusive, make a point of talking with people on your team about things in their life that aren’t related to work. Get to know their hobbies and interests, the things they’re passionate about, how they like to spend their time. There’s a good chance that you’ll discover some points of connection.

Be a good listener. Too many bosses are marginal listeners. They may be action oriented, impatient or rushed, but they’re more apt to cut someone off mid-sentence or finish their thought for them than to truly listen. Whatever the reason, they come off as cold and uncaring. Always take the time to listen to your people.

Keep people informed. An important part of leadership is sharing the information people need to do their job well, to understand what’s happening in the organization and industry, and to maintain a broad perspective on the work their doing and its purpose. People who are well-informed feel valued.

Express concern. When someone comes to you with a problem, show sincere concern. Offer any assistance that’s appropriate, but make sure when you do you’re not taking over, stepping on their autonomy or questioning their ability to solve the problem themselves.

Show your appreciation. People work hard, and one of the best ways to show them you care is by simply expressing appreciation for the things they do. Whether it takes the form of a big celebration, a public shout-out, a personal note or even a quick “way to go” in the hallway, let people know you value their contribution to the team.

Provide opportunities. Finding new opportunities for your direct reports to grow and learn is a great way to show them that you have their back. Set up lunch-and-learn sessions, provide professional memberships and development opportunities, and pair people up for cross-training in a new area they’d like to learn more about.

Exhibit trust. Showing trust in your direct reports means you respect them and have faith in their judgment and work without micromanaging.

Lead from within: If you want to show the people on your team you care, make sure you are the best leader you can be and that those who report to you have everything they need to be successful.

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