The Best Way Leaders Can Lead People Remotely

Sometimes events force us to change how we work together and do business. It’s a challenge for everyone—and leadership poses particular challenges. How do you keep communication flowing when people are scattered geographically and distracted by the upheaval of their daily life? How do you keep your team connected and focused, healthy and hopeful? Here are some of the ways top leaders address the challenges and keep their teams strong:

They’re more supportive than ever. Being supportive is always important—but in times of crisis and separation, it’s critical. It’s harder to show support from a distance; you have to provide a source of strength and solace from where you are. Send frequent messages of support and gratitude, and let people know you’re there to help them solve whatever new problems arise.

They’re more present than ever. The best leaders are accessible, available and connected, so it’s easy for people to feel their presence. When hallway chats and open office doors aren’t an option, show your presence by checking in frequently. Email’s easy, but when you need real connection, phone and video conferencing build a stronger sense of connection.

They keep people more informed than ever. Keep information flowing by communicating constantly and consistently. Especially in times of change and crisis, people want to know what’s happening and have a way to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas. You may want to establish a daily update by email or video chat to keep people informed.

They show they care more than ever. It’s harder to show caring from a distance, but a time like this, when people are feeling anxious and isolated, is when a personal touch is most needed. The best leaders make an extra effort with every decision and action to show they sincerely care. They’re willing to show vulnerability and spend more time asking people open-ended questions about family and other concerns, listening to the answers and helping find solutions.

They bring more clarity than ever. When people are working as a team in an office, it’s relatively easy to keep track of workflow and priorities. When the team is scattered, it’s important to set out goals and expectations clearly. Be more explicit and detailed than usual so your people will understand what they need to do and where they need to focus. At the same time, remember to be realistic and flexible in your expectations.

They lead by example more than ever. Setting a strong example when working remotely is one of the most meaningful things you can do. Model the attitudes and behavior you want people to emulate. If you want them to be focused and productive in a changing environment, make sure you’re showing them how it’s done. Give them something positive to emulate.

Lead from within: Working away from the office is the new normal, at least for a while. As a leader, you can help make sure that everyone on your team stays successful in this time of change.


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    10. Apr, 2020

    Great insights! I would add that understanding how your team culture has changed in this new Work From Home environment is critical for managers looking to be more supportive and caring.

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