All Successful Leaders Need This Quality to be Effective

If you’ve recently been promoted or somehow flagged as a leader, you might be feeling pretty good about yourself, as if you know it all. But the quality that really helps successful leaders be effective is awareness —and until you develop your capacity for awareness, none of your knowledge will do you much good.

When you’re in a leadership position, sometimes those around you will shield you from reality. They may not want to tell you about a problem because they are afraid of being blamed. They won’t tell you something isn’t working because they feel intimidated about second-guessing you. They may protect you from unpleasant truths out of misplaced loyalty or because they don’t want to deal with your response. Instead of telling you what you need to know, they may complain behind your back, remain quiet rather than disagree with you, or maybe just leave altogether to avoid confrontation.

You may be sailing through your day thinking everything is fine, but if the things you need to know aren’t getting to you, you have a problem. Here are seven questions based on the traits of highly aware leaders—use them to assess and build your own capability for awareness.

Do you lead with questions? Are the kind of leader who is inquisitive? Do you ask a lot of questions, or are you assuming you know it all? Leaders who pride themselves on being aware are consistently asking questions.

Are you open to constructive feedback? For some, feedback always feels like criticism, but constructive feedback is actually a great gift. When you can be open to feedback you become more aware, a better leader and a better person.

Do you create a safe environment? If you want to hear constructive feedback, you must create a safe culture, a safe environment where people can speak their mind and heart. If people don’t feel safe speaking out, you end up with a culture where people either complain behind your back or walk away, so they don’t have to deal with you. Either way, an unsafe environment leads to a toxic culture. Even if your culture normalizes this climate, that doesn’t make it right.

Are you open to learning new things? The best leaders understand how much they don’t know, and they treat learning as a big part of leadership. They never stop discovering, learning and wondering about new ways of doing things.

Do you assume everyone agrees with you? Aware leaders remain open to disagreements and conflict. They expect others to speak up and state their mind, and they model the idea that differences are meant not to divide but to enrich.

Are you too distracted to be informed? I have seen many leaders who simply have too much going on—whose enormous responsibilities leave them too distracted to know what they’re doing and how they’re being perceived. But an anxious and distressed leader makes for an uneasy and agitated team. Don’t allow distractions to keep you from being informed.

Are you surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you? Some leaders will think they have to be the smartest person in the room, so they surround themselves with mediocrity. But mediocrity will never yield excellence. The best and smartest leaders surround themselves with people who are smarter and who can disagree with them, and they learn from those people.

Aware leaders have the capacity to stand apart from themselves and examine their thinking and actions. In turn, they receive the insight to lead not only themselves but also others to greatness.

Lead from within: Awareness is one of the rarest of human commodities. It is the difference between limiting yourself and evaluating yourself—not only as a leader but as a person.

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  1. Herman Prayitno .

    13. Jan, 2018

    Dear Lolly ,

    Thank you so much for explanation about leadership , the subject that I concern .
    To me “ the awareness of our self “ is the very important and difficult to make a habit . I agree with you that is a rare commodities.
    Once again , thank you verymuch .

    Best Regards,
    Herman Prayitno .

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    • Ege Sarisenoglu

      26. Feb, 2018

      Yeah Herman I agree with you about the importance of self awareness. I believe it is an extremely critical quality that once practiced will unleash our power. But the things is the decision has to be binary. You either act on your self awareness there is no middle. That is where most people struggle I think. Being self aware means to me act your truth and speak your truth and live your ideal life to the highest standard no matter what. Lots of people are afraid of doing that. The decision has to be made and then the more we practice it the more we hone this skill and them it becomes second nature.

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  2. Dave Welsh

    13. Jan, 2018

    Of the 7 traits listed above, I think I need the most help with Creating a Safe Environment. I should work on improving all 7 but that one needs the most work and I am not sure where to find the help. Any suggestions?

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    • Ege Sarisenoglu

      26. Feb, 2018

      Hey Dave;
      Creating a safe environment could just be hanging out with people you like. You know who they are. People who suck you out of your oxygen you know who they are and just leave them. It feels sometimes difficult to leave them because of the fear of unknown you are more afraid of what might await you rather than your current condition.
      Or another advice could he list your top passions and or hobbies like swimming yoga bar drinking business talk and then find all the platforms that host those things look for meetups and clubs organizations or whatever join them and there you would find those “safe environments” cause you share similar passions and interests.

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  3. SayedFadhel

    14. Jan, 2018

    Thank you for this kind of subject really feel proud to read this kind of successful people and full of knowledge.

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  4. Wycliffe

    15. Jan, 2018

    Hello Lolly,

    This is a great message that is helping me bring out the true leader in me. Thanks for sharing.

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