How to Make Time Slow Down by Changing Our Perception

If you look at the above images from your seat in front of the computer, you can see Mr. Angry is on the left and Ms. Calm is on the right.

Now stop and take another look, this time squint at your computer, and what do you see?

Can you see how they switched places?

For many of us -We take life at face value and we rarely take a moment to stop and look beneath the surface.


Because we seldom take the time to look for answers when we feel there is no question.

We act as if we know it all and we respond as if we have no choice.

We are so busy judging, projecting, perceiving, conjecturing that we have little time for the unknown of our knowing.

But sometimes there is a little voice, that stops us in our tracks and we take a double take or take a second guess.

And in these moments our knowing becomes a closed door that has an opening to new possibilities.

So the next time you hear your colleague say something that fires you up – do not react – just listen to what is really being said.

The next time you feel angry at your children- do not respond- just pay attention and see who you are really angry at: them or yourself?

The next time your boss is out of line- do not jump – just see what went array and ask yourself how did we get here?

Do not take anything for face value. Let the power of your knowing make you stop and go into the unknowing.

Lead From Within: Do not allow your blind mechanisms to run your life live at the grace of your own preconceived perceptions and reactions.




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  1. VJ

    13. Sep, 2012

    HI Lolly, thx 4 this advice, its really made a difference. I don’t normally get mad at people but some posters on the Net really made me mad ….. I was contemplating reprisal action ….. but then this is just the sort of knee-jerk reaction to be avoided ……. so I have decided to cool off for a while ….. if someone strikes you first without provocation … your knee-jerk reaction is to strike them back with added force ……. and thats how wars start ……. hatred begets hatred …….. buddhism teaches us to PAUSE between activities , to be KIND to others, to SLOW DOWN, christianity teaches us to FORGIVE enemies … Thx

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  2. Ryan Taylor

    13. Sep, 2012

    Lolly, nice post. This is good advice for those with tempers..myself included, though it has dampened considerably since I found my new love. I’ve learned to relax, slow down and not let things get to me.

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  3. Wayne McEvilly

    14. Sep, 2012

    The content of this post, which is rich in felicitous phrases, has been “on my mind” for the past few days-and whenever something sticks in my mind for that amount of time I hear Mae West’s words: “.and that’s no place for it.” i.e. time to do something about it. Respond. So:
    What first attracted me to your Lead From Within community was quite simply the emphasis on “within” – The general tonality of our present culture is such that very little time is given to the actual process of going within. The “idea” may take, yet it is the doing of it that brings us face to face with the self which resides in each of us and which is a source of energy, intuitive wisdom and insight into the way things work. Most of my life is spent “within” – my work requires it, and I enjoy the process of being an explorer of inner space.
    Your post elucidates the applicability of this “concept” to our everyday reality.
    You write “we have little time for the unknown of our knowing” – such a thought-inducing way to present this – I know exactly what you mean, and yet the big and wondrous mystery remains. It is a phrase to be pondered and acted on, and, as you so well express here, at times the “action” called for is a pause, a reflection, and a real honest-to-goodness “going within” before taking external action.
    Love this: “Let the power of your knowing make you stop and go into the unknowing.”
    and this: “And in these moments our knowing becomes a closed door that has an opening to new possibilities.”
    and this:
    “We act as if we know it all and we respond as if we have no choice.” and think the irony here is that it is only when we take the journey within that we truly grasp the fact of the matter: We do have a choice.
    Thank you Lolly, for this post, for the enormous investment of energy, love, attention, and interest you give to your calling in calling others to take their own space trip to the light that shines within each and every one of us.
    with respect, admiration, and love –

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  4. lollydaskal

    14. Sep, 2012

    Dearest Wayne,

    Sometimes we get so caught up in our busyness and we find the obligations of our blogs, social media to be burdensome. But then YOU come along Wayne and you put a smile on my face and you allow me to know that there is someone out there reading and caring about the much thought I put into my words –your comment makes it all worthwhile.

    You truly touched me with your heartfelt comment.
    You are a true gem and amazing soulful magical soul.

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  5. Karina Elizabeth

    15. Sep, 2012

    Wow, what a great reflection for the day! Definitely a much needed reminder.

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  6. Dave Kirk

    04. Oct, 2012

    It is amazing to get this today. I was just yesterday trying to blog about the same problem I had while listening and how mistaken I was in what I thought I heard. Responding to what I thought was not at all productive. Thanks for further illumination on this. When I hear the same issue being repeated from different sources, I realize this is probably a God moment and I need to to listen.

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  7. Venkataraman R

    22. Dec, 2016

    Your one line from your heart gives heart filling meaning to people in different lines

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