People Trust Leaders Who Have These 5 Powerful Habits

Trust doesn’t come naturally—it has to be earned. And if you’re in a leadership position, earning the trust of those around you is one of the most important keys to your success.

Some people may seem naturally trustworthy. But it’s not as much a matter of nature as of action. The best way to build trust is by practicing a set of daily habits that help convey your trustworthiness. Here are some of the ways top leaders work every day to earn and keep trust:

They are radically honest. When leaders are honest with people, people reciprocate—not only with their own honesty but also with trust. There’s a reason that “honesty is the best policy” is among the most prevalent of old sayings. Especially if you can be honest in bad times as well as good, people will naturally trust you.

They’re invested in helping people grow and become better. When great leaders are invested in helping people learn, grow and become better human beings, people will not only be drawn to them but will also trust them. A leader who is thinking of others is a leader people have faith in.

They consistently offer support. When leaders show they care by supporting their people with whatever they need, and mentoring and coaching them with they need assistance, people feel confident in their own position and assured in their leader.

They seek input from others. When leaders don’t think they know it all, and are willing to seek ideas and feedback—even if it’s critical—it demonstrates that that they’re leading with character. And people tend to trust anyone who leads with character.

They’re willing to admit when they’re wrong. The best leaders admit when they are wrong, earning the respect of everyone they lead and establishing their leadership as trustworthy.

When people trust you, their confidence in your leadership will come naturally and genuinely. Working every day to build and maintain trust with everyone around you is some of the best time you can spend.

Lead from within: Trust affects a leader’s influence and the company’s bottom line more than any other leadership trait. Get it right and you know you’ve got your leadership right.

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