Master Time Management From Inside Out


Each one of us has 24 hours to our day, 14,000 unique minutes. How we master our time makes a big difference.

Time management is an art. It involves efficiency and productivity with a focus on our goals.

It is not about filling every moment with busy work, but rather organizing our time around what is important.

Successful leaders master their time from inside out:

Value time: Time is precious for each of us and it is a valuable resource.We should not spend it unwisely or give it away. Leaders who are masters of time know when to put a stop to activities that do not contribute to their purpose.

The word NO can sometimes be the greatest time management tool of all.

Plan time: Planning for how to spend your time enables you to work far more efficiently than figuring it out as you go. What is planned happens, because planning leads to action.

Prioritize time:  To master time management is to set priorities among your goals. There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do what is important.

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Delegation time: To make the most of the precious resource of your time, learn to delegate. Hire others to do the work so you can have more time to work on what is valuable to you. Give less important tasks to others. Don’t spend time on unimportant tasks and then wait for the important ones to get done. They won’t.

Simplify time: Work on one task at a time. Do not start another task until the one you are working on is completed. Sustainable success and high productivity require concentrated effort. Be focused, and in return you will end up being productive.

Unblock time: Where are you limiting yourself from reaching your goals? Find out what may be within yourself that’s blocking you and eliminate it immediately. Get rid of any behaviors or thoughts that are self-sabotaging.

Spend time in reflection: Everything you do, everything you want to achieve, is the result of time spent in reflection. Evaluating your goals is as important as achieving your goals. The biggest time waster is not spending the time to focus on what is important. By applying your thinking and listening to your heart, you can make decisions on the most valued tasks that need to be accomplished.

Be conscious of time: The more you pay attention to how you are using your time, the more efficient you can become. Create a diary of your activities to see where you are wasteful and where you are productive, and learn how to optimize your time based on those patterns

Mastering time doesn’t start with an outer action, but with a vision of symmetry that is set up from within.

Lead From Within:  Time is the most valuable thing that a person can spend. Spend it wisely and master it from within.



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  1. LaRae Quy

    27. May, 2014

    Loved your post, Lolly.

    You were spot on with this: “The word NO can sometimes be the greatest time management tool of all.”

    Time is the greatest resource we have…spend it wisely 🙂

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  2. Chery Gegelman

    28. May, 2014

    Great post Lolly!

    Your point about spending time in reflection is huge. For years the only time I did that really well was on a plane. (In that plae I gave myself permission to pause, and think, and plan. ….Soon I found that uninterrrupted time was more valuable than the business trip itself!) As time marches on the value of reflection continues to increase.

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    • bkjagadish

      22. Feb, 2017

      ” …. pause, and think, and plan. ….Soon I found that uninterrrupted time was more valuable than the business trip itself!) ”
      BEAUTY !!

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  3. Sheron Fenty

    11. Jun, 2014

    This was truly very informative.I intend in the future to cover every one of the tools to successful leadership the ABCDE rule.This definitely will aid me in managing my time.Thanks again for sharing

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  4. Dawood Chishti

    23. Jul, 2014

    Time makes or breaks, a great message of vitality.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Dawood Chishti

    04. Oct, 2014

    An awesome way to notify Time Management sheet for curious leadership. Lolly! Light of your heart is the mirror of your thoughts.

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  6. Marc J. Beaulieu

    24. Jun, 2015

    Time…either you control it or it will control you. “You” choose.

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    • bkjagadish

      22. Feb, 2017

      Clap, clap clap and thanks for this CUTE COMMENT !! :-))

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  7. Lisa zemack

    07. Nov, 2015

    Invaluable- what is planned leads to action! I like it. So simple- how many vacations we could have taken if planned ? How many sales calls and opportunities could have happened if planned? Amazing. Thank you Lolly.

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  8. bkjagadish

    22. Feb, 2017

    Thanks for sharing a FABULOUS, to-the-point piece on Time Management ! And here’s my small add on :
    IIn your following sentence instead of ” Spend ” I prefer ” INVEST ”
    ” Time is the greatest resource we have…spend it wisely ”

    ” Time is the greatest resource we have…INVEST it wisely! “

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  9. Linda

    06. Mar, 2017

    Lolly it’s amazing how Twitter Netizans come to inspire each other and help in times when our focus gets a little clouded. As they say keep people who promote good positive uplifting words of wisdom when working to create skills to leadership. Thank you .


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  10. Ramlyyusof

    03. Nov, 2017

    Good information.

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