Lead The Secret to Becoming an Impactful Influencer

Being an influencer means you’ve discovered how to impact others. It means you help lead people to new frontiers, shape their way of thinking, and foster meaningful change in their lives.

There are many books, articles and that will tell you what a influencer is and what they do. Some are genuinely helpful, but the art of influencing others to truly make a deeper connection and more powerful impact is really not so complicated.

At its essence, being an influencer involves five core qualities:

  1. Inspiring others to be more. People who have influence that success isn’t just about what they accomplish themselves–it’s about how they inspire others to do more. Show me a great influencer and I can promise they will be focused on inspiring those around them.
  1. Going out of your way to help others succeed. Influencers are always looking for opportunities to help others. They don’t wonder “what’s in it for me.” They’re creators who focus their creativity on other people’s lives in a positive way by supporting them, helping them, and guiding them. Influencers know that the value in helping others succeed is priceless.
  2. Refusing to keep score. I once overheard someone who’s considered a very important influencer say “I only give to those who have something to give me.” No matter how important, that is not a true influencer. Nothing destroys relationships quicker than scorekeeping, and influence is built on relationships.
  1. Connecting people. Influencers know that connecting people with one another not only enriches their lives and helps them succeed, it enriches our own lives and helps us succeed. Only through connections and relationships with others can influencers really know and enhance themselves, and only through working within themselves can they begin to truly understand others. They understand that the most important thing in life is connecting with others.
  2. Bringing value. The very presence of an influencer brings value to whatever they do or support. The best influencers pride themselves on taking advantage of every opportunity to add value–and they make it a point to add more than expected. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  3. Earning trust and respect. Influencers know the importance of being someone who is trusted and respected, and they do whatever it takes to earn respect and trust. This commitment makes them a powerful role model for doing the right things the right way. Trust and respect are the cornerstones of any relationship; you can’t influence others without a strong and deep connection.
  4. Celebrating diversity and inclusion. The moment you shut yourself off from others is the moment you stop having any impact. If you think only certain people can make a difference while others cannot, that some are worthy of your influence but others are not, then your influence is far less significant than you think it is. The moment you feel superior is the moment you made yourself inferior. True influencers see diversity as a strength and inclusion as a core value.

Begin embracing these challenges today, and you will have already begun building your legacy as an influencer.



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