Why Integrity Remains One of the Top Leadership Attributes

There are many different definitions of  integrity, but what is the source of integrity?


Having integrity is being honest and having strong moral conviction.

A person with integrity is honest, with strong moral principles and uprightness.


Integrity comes from the Latin “integer,” whole.   Integrity means our word is full, whole and complete.

A person with integrity is one who is whole and complete. A person with integrity lives their word completely, one hundred percent of the time

A person with integrity lives all the way, never part way, never a fraction, but all the time, every single time.

Integrity French

Integrity indicates something intact, integrated, integral. The whole is working well, undivided, integrated, intact, and uncorrupted.

A person with integrity is a whole person, an integrated person, with all parts working well and delivering the functions that they were designed to deliver.


In Hebrew the closest word to integrity is translated as “virtue.” If you trace its origins and meanings, one of the meanings is “a force.”

A person of virtue is a force to be reckon with and they always leave a result.

As you can see:

Integrity is not a goal to be achieve as much as it is a life to be pursued.

Integrity is allowing our life to unfold because of who we are.

If you are looking for your true self,  your authentic leadership, your genuine life.

Then you will have to let your actions be an expression of who you are on the inside.

Integrity is an inside job.

 You will know you are living with integrity when you live your convictions.

You will know you are living with integrity when you are a force to be reckoned with.

Our lives are expressed through our instincts, instructions, intuition, inspiration, our influence and our impact.

  • What are your intentions?
  • What do you pay attention to?
  • How do you represent yourself?

When we have integrity, we will allow who we are to guide our decisions and we allow it to remain a top leadership attribute.

Lead From Within: Be the person who has virtue, who is a force, a force that is unstoppable. Stand firm and make your grip strong. Be a force against the pain, the suffering, the stress, and the roadblocks that life sends your way.


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  1. AjmaniK

    23. Apr, 2012

    Great article. If we think about the qualities of those who have impacted our world, and the word at large, their integrity is perhaps what we think about first. It shines through in the force of their being, the force of their character.


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  2. Anthony Warren

    23. Apr, 2012

    Hi Lolly…I couldn’t agree more. Integrity is so important. I just wrote a little ditty on my blog about the topic: http://wearyoursunglasses.com/integrity-with-cheese/

    Great stuff! Keep it coming!

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  3. Cheryl Aldridge

    23. Apr, 2012

    Very excellent commentary on integrity. I believe this is very important for anyone having influence over others, which that is pretty much everyone. Doing the right thing and being the right person is character development at its best.

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  4. Jimmy Z

    24. Apr, 2012

    Great Post, Lolly!
    Lots to think about. I love the analogy of the Flywheel of a car transmission must have integrity, it must be trued up, to the Nth degree, or it will break apart at higher speeds or RPMs. It’s the Integrity of the flywheel that enables it to spin properly and gain the inertia it needs to forward the vehicle. It’s our Integrity that enables us to accelerate progress and not break apart under a load or when stressed, or under challenging circumstances. The Virtue of Integrity is paramount to ones Character.

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  5. Lucy Mbala

    24. Apr, 2012

    Well put. Integrity comes from within, a morally upright and honest self. A person full of integrity, a society full of integrity, a world full of integrity.

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  6. Carla Hinter

    24. Apr, 2012

    Lolly, you are a sage of great wisdom. Without integrity we have no compass, no direction of authentic meaning and will be a toxic influence upon everyone. Pursuing integrity is the journey to wholeness and the convergence of what matters most: what I say and who I am reflect each other as one.

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  7. Steve Alessi

    24. Apr, 2012

    Feeling so inspired by this! The day I’m step into today will be challenged by what’s in me, and I will make waves. Bold begins before I tackle any opportunity because it’s already in me.

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  8. Bonnie Snyder

    24. Apr, 2012

    This was so well put. I love the simplicity of it. Sometimes we make things so difficult. Intention and what are you values many times get lost without a reminder.

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  9. Thomas Ross

    24. Apr, 2012

    Great post.

    Integrity flows from remaining anchored to one’s sense of self. And, as you say, a person of integrity is a force of nature.

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  10. Emelia Sam

    24. Apr, 2012

    As one who was not leading an integrated life up until relatively recently, this resonates with me. Integrity really is the full expression of our authentic selves. Great post.

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  11. Simon

    28. May, 2012

    What a great post Lolly and such a huge subject. It is not until you look at the meanings of words do you really understand the relevance or how important they are in your life.

    Integrity as the word is cheap, and as we have seen, sadly can be bought, for the most part by the inanimate material world. A sad part of our society today although understandable in way as such important things seem to be lacking in education today, not just in schools but at work and at home.

    The Source of Integrity as you say is at the core of who we are and can become, a guide to tough decisions and a strength when challenges come upon us.

    That strength that comes from living with integrity is unfathomable and available to all, yes It takes, (for me at least), constant practice and faith in its strength. If you do not believe in the strength of integrity then it will twist and your anchor will loose its hold leaving you to drift into dangers unknown.

    But with integrity you will be amazed at what storms you can weather, and the wisdom that it can show you. It is a strength, a force that has powers beyond our comprehension.

    Thank you Lolly.

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  12. American Speakers Bureau Inc.

    02. Jul, 2012

    this is an awesome post, keep up the encouraging blog!

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  13. Chris Edmonds

    03. Jul, 2012

    Excellent post, Lolly! It inspired greater clarity for me of the meaning of integrity.

    The roots of integrity are entirely within our hearts & souls. When we live a life fully in alignment with our vision & our values, amazing things happen. The right doors open – the right people (values-aligned people) enter our lives.

    Only when we demonstrate integrity can these benefits occur.



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  14. Adam Orlandella

    17. Jul, 2012

    Great post, Lolly!  Integrity is a very interesting topic.  Most commonly, integrity refers to the general character of a person, but when it comes to objects it refers to wholeness, intactness and purity of that specific thing (such as a database).   So, when you combine both and we act with pure intentions and ensure those actions are consistently  congruent with our true beliefs, that allows us to live with a true sense of integrity. 

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  15. Morton J Kimungui

    28. Jun, 2013

    All is above my commend, but am made to believe that there still are more and knowledgeable persons immersed in wisdom another word of integrity

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  16. Bob Indian

    26. Jan, 2014

    Great Article Lolly !!!

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  17. Dawood Chishti

    25. Sep, 2014

    Take pride in upholding your values and make it a source of your strength . It’s great, Lolly. Once again you came with an inspiring narrative.

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  18. [email protected]

    13. Jun, 2017

    Completely true a bout integrity! Thank you for such great lesson!

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