How to Get Noticed by Leadership (Without Sucking Up)

If you’re like most workers, you’d like for your contributions and abilities to be more visible to leadership. But how do you get noticed without coming off as arrogant or attention-seeking?

It’s easy for even great employees within an organization to be overlooked or undervalued. Fortunately, there are positive ways to put yourself in a position to be noticed by leadership without sucking up. Here are seven tired and true strategies for moving yourself closer to the spotlight.

Go the extra mile. Most people will only do what they are hired to do without reaching beyond their scope of work, content with what’s good enough. But those who can walk the extra mile, who are willing to go beyond their job description and add value wherever they can, will be noticed. It’s never crowded at the end of the extra mile.

Invest in yourself. It’s great when your company will invest in your development and growth, but what if there’s no funding or time off for professional development? You can sulk about it, or you can do something. There are plenty of ways to develop your own potential. One simple daily habit will take you far: keep up with the trends and developments in your field and send your boss links or articles that might be beneficial. This shows not only interest but also wisdom and commitment.

Concentrate on results. Many people are so busy talking about problems that they hardly ever have time to focus on results. One of the quickest ways to make a noticeable impression is to simply deliver consistently on results. When you do, you demonstrate your value through your actions.

Know expectations so you can exceed them. Most of us never take the time to talk with leadership about what success looks like in the role we have. Once you have that picture, you have a clear path and direction—which in turn make it that much easier to exceed expectations.

Share your accomplishments. Work hard, put in the effort, and when you achieve success, don’t be shy about sharing your accomplishments. Leadership doesn’t always have the bandwidth to proactively check in and know everything that is happening, so communicating your accomplishments is important. If possible, meet regularly to update your leader one on one—and be sure you include a list of wins.

Get a seat at the table: Take advantage of every opportunity to sit at the table with leadership, and create new opportunities when you can. Spending time with your superiors in a setting where they can connect with you and your work is a big step in being recognized.

Contribute in meaningful ways. Think of ways you can contribute—not only to the organization’s work but also to its culture, and seek out leadership to discuss your ideas. Communicate clearly and concisely why you think your initiative is important and ask for support to make it successful. Not only will you be noticed in a good light, but if things go well you’ll have help in implementing your personal goals.

Lead from within: There are many ways to be noticed by leadership; concentrate on doing the right things in front of the right people.


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