How to Encourage Your Employees to Take Leadership Roles 

Every organization needs strong leadership at the top—but that’s not enough. You need leaders throughout your company, in every area and at every level.

When you have people with leadership potential in roles where they can make important decisions, achieve goals, reach targets and feed the bottom line, you’ll have a thriving and strong organization.

One of the best things you can do as a leader is to encourage your employees to take on leadership roles. Here are some ways to make that happen:

Create a compelling vision tied to a strong sense of purpose.

It’s a combination that gives people the energy and passion to be creative, responsible and accountable. Thinking in terms of a mission greater than themselves, they feel empowered to bring out their best. Seek out and hire people who resonate with and are excited by the organization’s vision, and provide ways for them to help fulfill its purpose.

Identify the right people to do the right things.

One of the best ways to empower people is to recognize their talents and give them jobs that feed their strengths. It begins with having the right people—those who can elevate themselves into leadership roles via their competence and capabilities—doing the right things and gaining confidence along the way.

Encourage decisiveness and accountability.

One important trait of being a leader is the ability to make decisions and to be accountable for your actions. When you give your employees autonomy and authority, you’re telling them you trust them. And when you show trust, most—if not all—will step up and surprise you with how much they can do if they know you are counting on them.

Promote collaboration and cooperation.

It’s frustrating and difficult when an organization is structured in silos; the best companies foster cross-functional teams that cut across departmental boundaries to take full advantage of the ideas and expertise of all employees. Any time you put people together, encourage teamwork, collaboration and cooperation, and reward those who take on extra initiatives. This practice will encourage people to display their leadership skills and is a great investment for the business at large.

Communicate often. If you want people to take on leadership roles, communicate with transparency and share information freely. Only when they have information can employees make sound decisions, achieve their goals, reach their targets and step up to their leadership roles.

Lead from within: The more you support your people, the more support your people will provide you.


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    04. Aug, 2020

    I am applying to become a manager at my current job, and since they’re looking for strategies to teach leadership to all employees, they’re asking me to present them ideas for my manager application project. I love that you said creating a vision tied with a sense of purpose will allow the employees to think it of aa mission to empower themselves. I will put in practice what you said about transmitting that energy to them, as well as starting to look for a corporate leadership training that can complete a fully-trained employee base.

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