How to Easily Spot Leadership Qualities in Others

Something I’m often asked is how you can spot someone with leadership potential. In my decades of leadership coaching, where I’ve worked with people from top corporate leaders to those just beginning to aspire to leadership, I’ve found there are certain qualities that get people noticed and attract others to their point of view. They don’t necessarily mean that person will become a great leader, but they indicate the potential is there.

These leadership traits are all fairly easy to spot, even from a distance. Here are the most important:

High performance. Potential leaders consistently go above and beyond, whether they’re delivering specific results or working to move an organization forward. And they do it quietly and unobtrusively, in a manner that doesn’t suggest that they’re marketing themselves. It’s clear to all that they’re working primarily for the good of their team and organization.

High potential. Potential leaders don’t stop at doing what they have to do—they’re constantly seeking out new responsibilities and learning new skills. They’re the ones who are always asking “How can I help?” and helping find the answers to everyone’s questions.

High influence. You know the people you seek out instinctively to see what they think or how they would handle something? Those are people with influence, people marked for leadership. They may be anywhere within an organization—across, down or up from you—but their personality makes you feel safe in going to them and reassures you that they’ll be there for you.

High values. People with high values are easy to spot, especially when a difficult situation arises. They unthinkingly do what is right, not what is easy, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to find a solution with integrity. Their values hold them to a cause greater than themselves, and that connection is visible in everything they do.

High optimism. Even in great organizations, it’s easy for pessimism and fatalism to flourish in the ranks. So when you find someone who views everything through a positive lens and is constantly striving to bring about the better future they envision, you know that person has great leadership qualities—especially if their positivity and resiliency are contagious.

If you’re looking for a rising leader in your organization, look for someone who’s working to make a difference with their performance, their potential, their influence, their values and their optimism. And if you want to be a known as a leader, work to cultivate those qualities within yourself.

Lead from within: If you want to spot a leader easily, don’t look for someone who’s telling you what to do. Instead, look for someone who’s showing you how it can be done, inspiring all the way.


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