How to Create Company Values That Resonate and Matter

In today’s rapidly evolving business the significance of well-defined and meaningful company values cannot be overstated. Research consistently highlights their impact on organizational success and employee engagement. According to a study conducted by Deloitte, organizations with clearly defined values that are well-communicated to employees are more likely to achieve high levels of employee engagement. Furthermore, a report by Great Place to Work found that companies with strong, values-driven cultures tend to outperform their peers in terms of financial performance, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

As an executive leadership coach, I advise my clients on leveraging these insights to create values that not only resonate but also drive positive outcomes for both their teams and their organizations as a whole.

With this understanding as a foundation, let’s explore the process of crafting meaningful company values that transcend mere rhetoric and become guiding principles for your organization.

The Foundation of Meaningful Values: Crafting company values that resonate starts with a deep understanding of your organization’s identity, mission, and long-term goals. Your values should align closely with your mission and serve as a compass for decision-making at all levels of the company.

Authenticity Matters: To create values that truly matter, they must reflect the authentic essence of your organization. Involve employees at various levels in the value-defining process to ensure they capture the company’s true spirit. Authenticity breeds trust and connection.

Simplicity and Clarity: Effective values are simple and easy to remember. Aim for clarity in language so that every member of your organization can easily understand and apply these values in their daily work.

Actionable and Inspirational: Company values should inspire action. They should not be passive statements but rather call employees to embody them actively. Values like “innovation” can be made actionable by encouraging employees to present new ideas regularly.

Integration in Everyday Operations: For values to matter, they need to be integrated into everyday operations. This means they should guide decision-making, hiring, performance evaluations, and more. When employees see values in action, they become more than words on a wall.

Accountability and Recognition: Create a system of accountability for values. Recognize and reward employees who exemplify these values consistently. This reinforces the importance of living the values.

Continuous Evaluation and Adaptation: A company’s journey is not static, and neither should its values be. Regularly evaluate how well your values align with your organization’s current state and long-term vision. Don’t hesitate to adapt them as needed.

Meaningful company values are the backbone of a strong and purpose-driven organization. Crafting values that resonate and matter requires authenticity, simplicity, actionability, integration, accountability, and adaptability. When values are more than words but guide actions and decisions, they become a driving force in shaping your company’s culture.

Lead From Within: By embodying your company’s values, you inspire others to do the same, creating a culture where values truly resonate and matter.


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