How the Best Leaders Know Their Strategies Aren’t Working

Leadership is a complex and dynamic process that requires constant adaptation and evolution. The best leaders understand that their strategies may not always work and are willing to make adjustments to empower and engage their employees.

Here’s how the best leaders know when their strategies aren’t working:

Being too demanding: One way the best leaders know when their strategies aren’t working is by being too demanding. Productive work requires an atmosphere of psychological safety, and being overly stern can create an environment of fear and apprehension. This can lead to employees becoming more forgetful and doing less, rather than feeling empowered to step forth and take responsibility.

Micromanaging the workforce: Another red flag for leaders is micromanaging the workforce. Control-focused leaders may equate leadership with duties and need to control every aspect of a team’s activity. This behavior can lead to employee disengagement and inefficiencies.

The “know- it- all” attitude: Some leaders tend to believe that they have all the answers and want to dictate how things should be done. They come with a know-it-all attitude, but the best leaders understand that true leadership is about allowing those they lead to take ownership of their work and make decisions on their own.

Playing the blame game: Playing the blame game is a quick way to lose employees’ trust, respect, and participation. The best leaders take responsibility for everything that goes wrong, while giving credit to their teams for success.

Lack of employee engagement: The best leaders also know that if employees find no enjoyment in their work or see no value in hard work, they need to change the way they lead. A lack of employee engagement can be a sign that their strategies aren’t working.

Bottom line, the best leaders are always tuned into their employees and are willing to make adjustments when they realize their strategies aren’t working. Therefore, the best leaders like working with an executive leadership coaching can help identify gaps in skills and attitudes, and point leaders in the right direction to improve their techniques.

Lead From Within: Great leadership is about having effective strategies that empower and engage employees to execute them effectively.


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