Greek Tragedy

Aeschylus, a revered Greek playwright, often referred to as the founder of tragedy, wrote about the Persian invasion of Greece.
He wrote about the dark days of war and turbulence and the shadows of pain and suffering that accompanied these wars.

Aeschylus knew pain and suffering was not what life was about. He knew to juxtapose them with life- affirming light behind these shadows. He offered a brilliant lesson to those who came to see his plays: Life is not always exactly what you saw.

When you find yourself enmeshed in a modern day Greek tragedy-conflict provided by the cast of characters that is in your office team or someone in middle management who won’t listen to either the bad or good news that you must pass along- or your relationships are not working out the way you want- go past the shadows, weed out the conflict, and find where the light beams through.

Lead From Within: Shadows represent the dark side-they are metaphors for negatives. Yet on the other side of a shadow is light. Shadows could not exist without the light. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

What are you shadows? How can you cast light on your tragedies?

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