Are You A Geode?

To an untrained eye, a geode looks pretty much like an ordinary rock. But a trained geologist knows that  inside the geode there is a beautiful crystal lining.

The story is the same for those who refuse to examine new possibilities because their minds are closed.

Life’s greatest opportunities, like the geode, often come in ordinary packaging.

Do not allow yourself to become such a creature of habit that you simply go through the motions and let life happen to you. Just walking a new route to work, or taking the time to read a book or visiting a museum at lunchtime will stimulate your thought processes and may help you open your mind to new possibilities.

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Lolly Daskal is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. Her extensive cross-cultural expertise spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies. As founder and CEO of Lead From Within, her proprietary leadership program is engineered to be a catalyst for leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world.

Of Lolly’s many awards and accolades, Lolly was designated a Top-50 Leadership and Management Expert by Inc. magazine. Huffington Post honored Lolly with the title of The Most Inspiring Woman in the World. Her writing has appeared in HBR,, Fast Company (Ask The Expert), Huffington Post, and Psychology Today, and others. Her newest book, The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness has become a national bestseller.

  1. Thomas Waterhouse

    29. Sep, 2009

    Returning to childlike innocence and curiosity time-and-again helps to stimulate us spiritually, and opens our eyes to beauty in the seemingly mundane aspects of life. If we’re willing, everyone and everything is sacred. If we’re willing, life is a geode!

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