Do You Need to Learn To Be Better With People?

Interacting and connecting with others is a critical factor in leadership—and among most other fields, as well. Some people have a gift for being with others easily and instinctively. But for many people, it doesn’t come naturally. If you struggle with carrying out interpersonal interactions , it may help you to know that it’s made up of specific skills you can learn and practice and master. Here are some of the most important areas you can work on:

Develop great verbal skills. The top skill in working effectively with people is the ability to communicate clearly. That means talking less and listening more, asking great questions and learning from the answers. To develop a deeper connection with others, remember that people do their best work when they feel informed, understood and listened to.

Learn how to assert yourself. If you have something to say, say it. Don’t make other people guess what’s on your mind, and don’t overthink and miss a chance to contribute something of value. Express yourself in a meaningful way so people can understand where you are coming from; when people understand you, they can better connect with you.

Learn to handle conflict. Conflict is inevitable in any relationship or organization, and the way you handle conflict will show people a lot about you. The most effective strategy for resolving conflict is to do it quickly, peacefully and collaboratively. As soon as you sense that something is becoming an issue, take immediate steps to resolve it before it grows worse. Practice the art of working with others to create mutually agreeable solutions.

Develop a memorable presence. Your presence has a direct relationship with your ability to create lasting personal relationships and build a great network. If you have a strong presence, people gravitate toward you, remember you more clearly and are more likely to want to work with you. The best way to leave an interesting and compelling impression with others is to follow the basics: make eye contact, ask questions and listen with genuine interest, be responsive, and, above all, give your undistracted attention,

Find your confidence. If you’re anxious, nervous or worried all the time, it makes the people around you feel anxious and concerned as well. Work to look and sound confident—not arrogant, thinking you know best about everything, but genuinely confident in your authentic self, your honesty and your integrity. This kind of true confidence draws people in and inspires their own confidence, building strong relationships and communication in every direction.

Even the most gifted of us can be better at our people skills, and remembering that truth can make a difference in how we show up in our life and leadership.

Lead from within: Everyone wants to know how to captive the attention of others, how to hold their interest and create deep impactful relationships. As with so many other things, the way to make it happen is to build strong skills.


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