Are You A Poet & Don't Even Know It.

A poem, said Robert Frost, “begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” So too with life.

Poetry is, after all, life transformed into verse- the surging, exhilarating, untamed current of human thought, feeling and experiencing. We do not have to be able to write poetry to understand it, for poetry is everywhere, within us and without.

Have you ever watched the lyrical movement of trees in the breeze, the rhythmic soaring of birds overhead, the measured emergence of stars as they become visible in the evening sky? Have you ever listened to your inner poetry- your thoughts, dreams, the song of your soul?

Allow your life to be filled with colors, textures, scents  that have meaning to you. Let your soul lead you through meadows and take you down deep into the valleys. There are many poems, waiting like the stars to come out and to illuminate your heaven.

As a poet you embody courage, you dare to give a voice to the yearning that too often lies buried in your heart. Unearth what you yearn for-  It is then, that your life can begin with delight and end in wisdom.

We are all poems in search of a voice.

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  1. Monica Diaz de Peralta

    13. Sep, 2009

    Sunday is such a great day for poetry. I am looking out my window at the trees and greenery right at this moment. Poetry also has the virtue of expressing much in very little words. These days I am composing children’s songs w/my husband for a project of his. My aim? To be poetic, in the sense that a few words capture the big meaning. To appeal to kids, not “dumb it down” but capture the essence of the message in a few words (much like tweeting). Thx for the reminder to be poetic. Usually poems live within you and need some coaxing to make it out into the light.

    Upon the grass, the dew…upon my heart, the thought of you!

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  2. Cybil

    15. Sep, 2009

    I really enjoy your blog posts…they seem to talk to my heart. When I read this post, I felt compelled to share. Thank you for the Robert Frost quote – it is etched in my soul now. I write poetry daily now that I have found my voice.

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