9 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Employees Happy

Most leaders agree that employee attitude is a key factor in an organization’s success. Whether your employees are fulfilled and motivated or frustrated and disengaged is largely up to you.

To keep employees fulfilled, productive, and engaged–and reduce the expense and disruption of turnover–make sure you’re incorporating these nine principles into your leadership every day.

1. Presence. Go beyond just being accessible. When you’re with an employee, stay in the moment. Keep distractions at a minimum and quiet your mind to really listen to what is being said and how it’s being conveyed.

2. Inclusion. Give your employees room to take ownership of what they do and they’ll bring commitment and excitement to their work.

3. Caring. In word and deed, demonstrate that you are there for your team through good times and bad. Invest your heart and show that you care.

4. Clarity. Communicate your vision and goals in detail, making sure to include the contributions of your employees. When you entrust them with an understanding of the big picture, they can see their own role in a larger context.

5. Respect. Respect is one of the most powerful ways to build and strengthen any relationship, and the best way to show respect is by listening. Genuine listening demonstrates that you respect and value the speaker and builds mutual regard.

6. Empowerment. When making a decision, solicit, value, and incorporate employees’ ideas and opinions. Employees who participate actively in generating a solution are much more invested in the outcome.

7. Consistency. Earn the right to hold others accountable to high standards by meeting them yourself. Leadership is a privilege that requires you to walk the walk. Bringing your best every day sets an example for others to do the same.

8. Flexibility. Offer your employees as much flexibility as possible in time and scheduling. When you do, you set an example of agility and make it easier for employees to live a balanced and productive life.

9. Gratitude. Treating your employees like valued participants and expressing sincere appreciation for their contributions will always make a positive difference. And don’t forget the everyday niceties of saying please and thank you, which help you set the tone for a more gracious and pleasant work environment.

Appreciated employees are engaged employees. They know that who they are and what they do matters to the organization. Helping your employees prosper–keeping them informed and showing them appreciation and respect–is worth your time every day.


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