8 Things Successful Leaders Do on Weekends

Successful leaders have a passion for what they do, so they work hard and keep long hours. But as we all know, it’s difficult to keep up with that pace no matter how motivated you are. Every leader needs down time to avoid burning out. With the leaders I coach, I emphasize the weekends as the time to take a much-needed break and restore themselves so they’re ready to get the most out of the week ahead.

Here are some of the top weekend habits from the leaders I coach around the world:

1.They disconnect. For many leaders, the weekend is a time to shut down and turn everything off. In our hyperconnected world, we have to unplug to clear our head and find peace. On weekends, put away the phone and computer for a couple of hours. Disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself.

2. They read. Many great leaders are voracious readers, and the weekend is a great time to catch up on with some books and articles. As a bonus, try to find something that’s challenging and interesting but has nothing to do with your work. History and biographies can be especially compelling.

3. They spend time with their loved ones. Lots of leaders use their weekends to connect with the important people in their lives. Make sure you take a weekly opportunity to carve out quality time with those who mean the most to you.

4. They plan. Successful leaders devote at least part of their weekends to planning ahead. The weekend often provides the right mental space to be thoughtful about little details that might otherwise get lost in the hectic work week.

5. They take on a hobby. Great leaders often use their spare time to cultivate an interest or a hobby. Hobbies and outside interests help keep you multidimensional and better able to relate to others.

6. They exercise. Great leaders understand the importance of exercising. It’s not only healthy for the body but also a great way to clear your mind and thinking. Exercising in nature can be especially helpful in restoring mind, heart and soul, according to many of my clients.

7. They recharge. We live in a competitive world, and every successful leader knows they always have to be at their best. Peak performance requires a lot of energy, so a weekend recharge is imperative to fuel the week ahead.

8. They volunteer. Successful leaders use their weekends to give back to their communities. There are many charitable groups and organizations where you can spend your time making a meaningful contribution to a worthwhile cause.

Lead from within: Everyone needs down time to relax, refresh and to recharge their mind, body and soul. Weekends offer that opportunity for successful leaders.



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