7 Surprisingly Unknown Powers Of the Word ‘Success’

For many people, aiming to be successful is something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Some don’t like speaking about themselves or their ambitions for fear of appearing to be bragging or egotistical.

Then there are others who are constantly bragging about their accomplishments and making everyone uncomfortable. Maybe it’s their not-so-modest attitude that has given “success” its bad connotations–but it doesn’t have to be that way.

True success has nothing of egotism or elitism about it. In fact, those who understand the power of success live lives of great significance and meaning.

Here are some thoughts on the surprising power of success:

1. Discovering your gifts and sharing them with the world. The truest form of success is finding and carrying out your purpose. You become successful when you can define your life and pursue it with a vengeance.

2. Taking meaningful action. True success is not about accepting what is; it is about taking action and moving forward with the best of your ability. It means giving yourself a chance to do the things you are meant to do.

3. Appreciating what you have. True success is not about acquiring more but counting your blessings–taking the time to realize what you have and expressing your gratitude in generosity.

4. Bringing creativity to everything you do. Success means not worrying about what others are doing better than you but instead concentrating on bringing your mental and creative best every day. Success is a battle between you and yourself only.

5. Making a difference. You’re truly successful when you identify what’s most important to you and spend your time making a difference wherever you go. Time is precious; make the most of it.

7. Being an agent of positive change.  Devote yourself to elevating the lives you touch and leaving your world better than you found it.

There is nothing wrong with being a top performer or creative innovator, with starting something new and making it wildly successful. The difference is that you do what you do not to elevate yourself but because you care about people and our world, and you act accordingly.

Success is a powerful idea, because it means finding and expressing your purpose–and that’s always meaningful and significant.


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