7 Powerful Habits of the Most Successful People


There are lots of ways to foster success, but as a leadership coach and business consultant I have found that a few daily actions are especially effective at moving people toward success. I have seen how well they work with countless clients at every level–and they can unleash your greatness as well.

Start doing these 7 powerful habits today.

1. Embrace your confidence. Within each of us is an imposter who exists to plant messages of negativity and self-doubt and to stand in the way of what we want to achieve. But successful people know that if you want to do something great in the world, you’re going to need confidence. Make sure your confidence is loud enough to drown out the voice of the imposter.

2. Encompass your intuition. When people want to start a new venture or create a new product, they generally rely on their analytic mind. But the most successful people get fueled by their intuition when they want to be innovative or creative. Try leaving your analytic mind behind and venture out with your intuitive mind. As Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

3. Speak with honesty. When business gets tough, when leadership gets complicated, it’s more important than ever to always speak the truth. If you have bad news, say so. If you have complicated information, express it. The truth might hurt for a while but a lie will hurt forever. Court the best kind of success by speaking your truth in every circumstance.

4. Embody your courage. Success requires risk. It means you have to take chances, and that in turn means you have to be courageous. Each time you face your fears, you gain strength and courage. And each time you show up braver you become even more successful. The most successful people know that courage is not the absence of fear but knowing that you’re working toward something more important than the fear.

5. Manifest your integrity. Especially when things get busy, the impulse to rush and cut corners is understandable. You want to get things done and keep things moving. But the most successful people never allow that to become the priority. They manifest integrity in everything they do, no matter what. They know that success isn’t built on faster, cheaper and shinier but on excellence.

6. Demonstrate your trust. Trust is the foundational ingredient in any kind of success. Successful people know that every relationship–team, partnerships, even family relationships and friendships–depends on trust. That’s why they work constantly to build and earn trust by making sure their words and actions are consistent.

7. Show your loyalty. The essence of loyalty is consistency. It’s saying to those around you, “As I grow more successful I will continue to look after your best interests and I will serve you with the best of what I have to offer.” More than anything else, loyalty is the characteristic that makes some people stand out from the rest. It’s a rare commodity, especially in business, so once you find it do everything you can to keep it–and stay far from those who don’t know understand its value.


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