7 Easy Ways to Support Your Leader

When we speak about leadership, it’s not unusual to discuss the role of a leader in supporting others. But how often do we think about how we can support our leaders?

Few people—if any—have it at the top of their mind, but it only makes sense. Success comes from partnership, collaboration and cooperation, so why should support be a one-way street? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can support your boss, your manager, or your leader. Here are seven easy ways:

Demonstrate loyalty. Loyalty is the ability to put others before yourself and stick with someone through good times and bad. Support your leader as a proud ambassador in public and a champion in private. Be willing to go to extraordinary lengths if necessary to help your leader succeed.

Offer solutions. When things break down, focus on solutions instead of problems; help brainstorm ideas and analyze available options. Find out what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. Offer suggestions and, if appropriate, roll up your sleeves and help out.

Make information available. Whatever your leader’s style of communication, it’s always best to establish and maintain an open line between you. That means you keep your boss involved and informed and protect them from being blindsided. Summarize complex issues and believe me, your leader will thank you.

Take initiative. There are always numerous ways of going above and beyond at work. Look for challenges that stretch you and increase your competency. Try to anticipate what your boss might require or request and prepare it in advance.

Be reliable. We usually make promises with the best intentions of keeping them, but sometimes due to either external circumstances or internal shortcomings, we end up not honoring those promises. If your boss knows you’re someone who can be counted on, you’ll not only be supporting them in an important way but also helping yourself stand out.

Sweat the small stuff. Support your boss by getting ahead of deadlines. Don’t make them ever have to spend a moment reminding you of something or checking on your work. Simply doing your job consistently well turns out to be a huge help.

Treat your boss with respect. Respect your boss’s time and avoid unnecessary interruptions. Respect at work fuels the interplay between your independence as a professional and a healthy interdependence with your boss—one where you rely on each other for success at work.

Lead from within: You can’t achieve anything by yourself, and every leader needs a support system.

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