7 Easy Morning Rituals To Jump Start Your Day

Among other traits, it takes strength and stamina to be a great leader. Some days can be difficult, and sometimes you have to work hard to find motivation. To make sure you’re up for whatever the day brings, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make your morning a strong start. Set yourself up for a productive day by adopting some (or all!) of these simple, but effective morning habits:

Get up early. Research shows that early risers are more successful and productive, plan more effectively, and better anticipate challenges and problems. Waking up early gives you more time to plan and get ready for the day without rushing.

Eat something healthy. The old adage is true: you are what you eat. Starting the morning with something that’s tasty and good for you will power you up for whatever lies ahead. To be your best, eat your best.

Work in a workout. There’s lots of evidence that morning is the best time to work out. A morning workout forces you to wake up early, and it gives you a natural mood booster and increased energy all day.

Boost your intrinsic motivation. It’s hard to get excited about getting out of bed in the mornings when you are not totally sold on what you’re getting up for. And even if you love everything about your job, the daily grind can make it hard to keep going. That’s why you need to work on your inner motivation—which powers you from within—to keep yourself going. Extrinsic motivation like money, recognition, or praise, can only take you so far. But when you tap into your personal source of motivation, there can be no stopping you.

Do something that inspires you. Whether it’s reading a chapter from a favorite book, spending a bit of time on a creative project, a run, or having breakfast with family or friends, do something that nurtures and inspires you. Then watch how it sets you up for the day.

Spend some time with your journal. When you start your day journaling, you can clear your mind, focus your thinking for the day, and empower change in yourself. You’re more in tune with the patterns of your day and life.

Meditate or pray. Even a few quiet moments of meditation or prayer can give you a boost as you take on the day. Performed regularly, it can reduce stress and negative self-talk, and it keeps you aligned with your values. A moment of calm in the morning resonates all day.

When it comes to kick-starting your day, make sure you have morning rituals that give your mind and body what they need to be refreshed and newly motivated.

Lead From Within: A good morning ritual gives you a clean slate every day, and you have a chance each day to build it up to be what you want.


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