60 Useful Thoughts To Help You Live In The Moment

We’re all busy, overworked, overburdened, overscheduled, overstressed–but once in a while we all need to slow down and just be, to experience things without overthinking them.

Here are 60 inspiring ideas that can help you be present in the moment.

1. Experience the power of now. Don’t waste time dwelling on what might have been if you would have taken a different path–you can never know. The power of now is choosing your direction with care and a positive attitude in every moment.

2. Quiet the monkey. Quit jumping from one branch to another; focus on what you want to accomplish immediately and give it your full attention. Ask your monkey to be quiet and let you concentrate.

3. Get on the boat. If you want to make it big, you dream of being successful, go sailing. Remember, you can’t discover new lands without losing sight of the shore.

4. Focus. Do one thing at a time, and do it with meaning.

5. Lighten up. True black is rare; almost everything that looks black is actually some shade of gray. When everything seems dark, remember that however complicated, there is always a lighter shade to your difficulties.

6. Go inside out. Take a vacation from yourself and go outside, enjoy nature and be among people you care about.

7. Know the difference. No two gardens are the same, no two days are the same and no two moments are the same. Pay attention to the differences.

8. Take a flying leap. Risk is necessary. We sometimes have to take a leap with confidence that it will take us right where we need to be.

9. Be a good shareholder. We are all interconnected; if you have something in excess, recognize that you are the trustee, not the owner. Let others share a generous portion of the dividends.

10. Catch it in midair. Are you allowing opportunities to fly by while you sit regretting the chances you have lost? Don’t let another moment go by wasted on regret–start taking chances today.

11. Spin the wheel. Chance and risk are crucial to success. Spin the wheel of fortune often by staying focused and present on your goals.

12. Say but. When things are not going your way, you can change experience with a single word. There is a but to every accusation you can make of yourself. Say it whenever you’re making yourself feel stuck

13. Be present. All that we really have is right here in the moment. Be present in all that you do.

14. Find it now. Unwise people seek happiness in the distance; the wise know that it can come only in this moment.

15. Stand your ground. When you feel something, when you want to say something, when you believe in something, don’t run away from it. Stand your ground and say what you feel.

16. Practice the art of no. There’s always an option. Saying no when you need to is like a gift to yourself.

17. Keep your eyes on the road. Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived looking forward–and we do that by looking within this moment.

18. Give and take. When you buy something new, give something away. It helps you keep your life uncluttered.

19. Create a storm. When you need an original idea, do a DIY brainstorm. Set a timer and give yourself permission to put down any idea. Let it flow. Later you can evaluate what you’ve come up with.

20. Write it down. The thoughts that come out of the blue are often the most valuable. Create a system to let you easily record them.

21. Control what you can.. Tell yourself I am in control in this moment and I can shape it as I wish it to be and all will turn out well.

22. Look under the surface. Great things are often masked in failure and problems. Look at unexpected situations from different angles and see if you can find the opportunity.

23. Listen. Teach your mind to stay with what’s being said and not drift.

24. Share what you know. Teach someone how to do something for themselves and you give them a treasure.

25. Celebrate difference. There will always be countless different viewpoints and ways of doing things. Rejoice in the spice of life that things will always taste, smell, and be different.

26. Let go of your delusions. They damage the force of our lives, and disable the force that keeps us from being our true self.

27. Look beyond mediocrity. If you’re living carefully, never reckless, you may never mess up but you’ll never know excitement.

28. Get lost. Sometimes it’s the necessary first step to finding something new.

29. Set your milestones. If you want to recalibrate your life, make sure you’re the one creating the milestones.

30. Come unglued. If you’re trying to be creative but keep getting stuck, connect with the gifts that are uniquely yours, with the vision that belongs only to you.

31. Remember change is constant. When moments are tough, remind yourself This too shall pass. Nothing ever stays the same–and sometimes that’s good.

32. Don’t wait. If you have a conflict or unresolved rift, make it your business not to wait but to apologize and make it right immediately. Relationships are too important to do otherwise.

33. This Moment. If we can take care of the moments–starting with this moment, right now–the days ahead will take care of themselves.

34. Don’t look back. Don’t let yesterday use up too much of our thoughts today, but do all you can to stay present in this moment.

35. Keep everything in balance. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for a better tomorrow, and never stop questioning.

36. Work for change. Some long for change but do nothing, some fear change and do everything to prevent it. Be the one who works to make sure the change that will inevitably come is positive.

37. Breathe. Pay attention to your breathing and slow it down. Make a point of breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly.

38. Bar the gate. Negative feelings and emotions need your permission to enter. Refuse it.

39. Audit yourself. What have you been neglecting? What needs your attention? Make a list and then act on it.

40. Tend your relationships. A relationship can grow only when you invest quality time in it. Think about the people you value and cultivate their presence in your life.

41. Treat every moment with respect. The only moment that matters is now. What are you doing to make it better?

42. Find strength in your skills. When you’re doing something skillful, do it with pride. Enjoy your strengths and gifts.

43. Give thanks. A gratitude journal boosts contentment and energy levels.

44. Enjoy your being. Happiness is truly reached when we are ready to be what we are, not what we think we should be.

45. Be mindful of your time. Our whole busy, hectic life is but a moment of time, it is therefore our duty to use it and not misuse it.

46. Camp out. When you are about to embark on learning something new, take your mind to camp. Exercise all you need to stay focused on the task.

47. Get lucky. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Have confidence you can succeed.

48. Still your mind. Take a moment to quiet your mind and feed your heart.

49. Inspire yourself by going outside yourself. Your best work is done when you have no thought of self.

50. Risk foolishness. Learn to love the fool in yourself–the one who talks too much, takes too many chances, and wants to make a difference.

51. Be your own best teacher. Teachers are our best motivators; use the tactics of a great teacher on yourself.

52. Shut out the noise. To find peace, shut out the noise and find a place of sanctuary.

53. Create success. To do something well and enjoy doing it is one of the finest experiences that is available to you.

54. Close the window on worry. Worry lacks logic and is just a vague wish for things not to change. It’s never solved anything.

55. Be slow to judge. What’s the hurry? One of the nicest gifts we can give ourselves and others is to be slow to judge. Give people every chance.

56. Say “thank you and …” Adding a sincere small remark to an already appreciative gesture or acknowledgement multiplies its effect many times.

57. Find the real thing. The best gift you can give yourself is truth of who you are. Don’t fake it till you make it; just be the real you.

58. Open the gate. Every second there is a narrow gate, and behind it is whatever you truly seek.

59. Speak the truth. Truth never argues; it is a song, not a syllogism.

60. Attention is a gift: Absolute attention is a gift that we should give ourselves if we want to be our best.


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