4 Ways To Invest In Your Employees To Increase Productivity

Companies like Google, Microsoft, and HubSpot have long been known for investing in their employees. As a company they realize the importance of that investment in creating an engaging culture, which in turn makes for happier and more fulfilled employees. In the current competitive employment market, investing in your employees is not just a good thing to do—it’s the right thing to do.

So how to do the best leaders invest in their employees so they can be more productive? Here are four simple but meaningful places you can start:

Improve resources. When people don’t have the technology, equipment, or resources to accomplish the things they’re expected to do, they become frustrated and, unsurprisingly, less productive. Providing employees with the tools they need to succeed is a great first step in increasing employee satisfaction. Take some time to study the tasks your employees are doing, especially the ones they enjoy the least, and work to find solutions that can make those processes more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Having current appropriate technology and resources will make employees not only more productive but also a lot happier.

Give employees autonomy. When people feel that they’re being micromanaged or there’s only one acceptable way to do the work they’re given, they feel constrained and unvalued. Give people he room to showcase their talents, expertise, and creativity by giving them more autonomy and fewer restraints. The best leaders allow their talent to lead and trust them to fully use and develop their abilities and skills.

Encourage self-care. Encouraging employees to focus on self-care is one of the easiest ways to invest in them. Self-care begins with work–life balance, which is especially important at a time when everyone is facing new sources of stress. A great first step is creating a flexible work environment. Granting people the flexibility to determining when and where they can work most effectively helps them balance their work with other needs, freeing them up to give their best.

Make employee feedback matter. Let your employees have a voice. Provide them with an avenue to express their ideas and opinions, and take the time to listen. Whenever possible, act on their suggestions—and if you can’t, open up a dialogue and look for other solutions. Employees want to be more and do more when they feel they’re being heard and valued.

Lead from within: In any organization, increased productivity and decreased turnover starts with a strong leader who is invested in the welfare of their employees. Happy people are productive workers.


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  1. Henry Killingsworth

    12. Jan, 2023

    It was interesting when you mentioned that helping employees focus on self-care is one of the easiest ways to invest in them. In addition to investing in self-care, I would think that it would be important to make sure that you are investing in things that will keep your employees comfortable. It seems like it would be a good idea to get chairs and desks that will keep your employees comfortable.

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