16 Secrets to Being Exceptionally Likable

Contemporary research shows that happy people tend to be are more productive, more creative, more connected and more likable.

So who wouldn’t want to be liked?

Who wouldn’t want to be more productive, more creative in their lives and in their business.

Here are 16 habits of exceptionally likeable people and you can emulate their habits today:

1. Likable people are confident: Likable people have done the work when it comes to their insecurities and self -doubt. they have mastered their confidence and they believe in themselves and because they do, others believe in them too. confident people are likable people, because they embody self -assurance which is always extremely attractive.

2. Likable people are inquisitive: How many of us are guilty of always wanting to speak and are horrible of asking questions, the likable person is really good at getting you to talk about yourself, they are great at asking questions. when people show they care, people end up liking you.

3. Likable people are genuine: Likable people never try to be something they are not they are authentic people who have a genuine heart, if they don’t know something they admit it, if they need help they say it, if they see something they don’t like they express it.

4. Likable people don’t judge: Likable people know that when you judge people you alienate people. so they just don’t do it.

5. Likable people are about adding value: Most people are about what have you done for me lately”, the likable person concentrates of being of service to others, thinking how can they help others, serve others, support others. and because they have this mindset of adding value, people like and admire them.

6. Likable people don’t need to be center of attention: Some people need to be center of attention, the likable person knows to stand out you don’t always have to be the one that speaks out,

7. Likable people are trustworthy: When you are consistent with your words with your actions, people like you because they can trust you, but if you are not reliable, accountable or responsible, people will not. simple stated, simple true.

8. Likable people have a positive mindset: With the world as chaotic as it is, it is very easy for people to be filled with cynicism, what makes people stand out from the rest, is having a positive attitude, its not that things are always going right, but the likable person always chooses to make it right and be positive, this idea of seeing the glass half full instead of empty, makes a big difference in how people like you and see you.

9. Likable people are disciplined: I am sure you meet people and within five seconds you know that their anxiety levels are off the charts, likable people are all about maintaining and managing their emotional intelligence, they don’t need to be reactive to everything, they are very good at being responsive to what comes their way, and because they are all about discipline and managing and monitoring, they give off the right impression as someone who has composure and calm.

10. Likable people know how to connect: They remember people’s names, names are such a core part of people identity, when you state someone’s name you make them feel good, likable people smile when they speak, when you smile, you are able to exude warmth and people lower their guard around you and frankly they like you. when you smile you don’t only appear to be more likable and courteous, you appear to be more competent too.

11. Likable people are great listeners: Most people like to speak, most people like to express themselves, the likable person likes to speak and express themselves too, but they know the importance of being silent and being a good listener, because we learn more by listening than we do by speaking.

12. Likable people don’t give unsolicited advice: People are guilty of giving advice even when no one is asking them for it, give advice to people when they ask you for it. If you go around telling people your opinion, you can come across as being overbearing and arrogant even if you’re just trying to be helpful.

13. Likable people have a positive attitude: Negativity is everywhere, the way that likeable people stand out is by their positive energy, attitude and mindset.

14. Likable people don’t make comparisons: Sometimes in an effort to relate to others, you can go overboard with comparisons. oh that happened to you, this happened to me, trying to find the comparisons of each other, is not always the way people want to be heard. don’t compare, just allow people to share.

15. Likable people take responsibility: If you make a mistake, admit it. Take responsibility and never ever blame anyone for your mistakes.

16. Likable people practice being present: Likable people are really good at paying attention, being present and not drifting off when someone speaks to them, they know that being present is the biggest gift they can offer others.

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