15 Effective Meeting Techniques to Double Your Team’s Output

Meetings are a fundamental component of business operations, yet all too often, they’re viewed as unproductive time sinks. Statistics reveal a telling story: a study by Atlassian found that the average employee attends 62 meetings a month, with half of that time considered wasted. Furthermore, excessive meetings are reported to cost businesses in the United States upwards of $37 billion annually.

As an executive leadership coach, I encounter numerous teams seeking to reclaim their time and transform meetings into periods of high efficiency and strategic execution. To turn the tide, I advocate for specific, targeted techniques aimed at enhancing productivity and output. Here, we’ll share 15 proven meeting techniques that can not only streamline your team’s processes but also potentially double their output.

Set a Clear Objective: Start with clarity. Ensure every meeting has a well-defined purpose, known in advance by all participants.

Limit Attendance: Be selective. Invite only those whose input is essential to the meeting’s objectives.

Prepare an Agenda: Organize for success. A well-structured agenda sent out ahead of time sets the tone for a focused meeting.

Assign Pre-Meeting Work: Engage early. When team members come prepared, you can dive straight into the heart of the matter.

Start on Time: Respect everyone’s time. Beginning promptly reinforces the value of efficiency and punctuality.

Keep Time: Watch the clock. Adhering to the agenda’s time allocations ensures all topics receive due attention.

Encourage Participation: Draw out voices. Inviting contributions from all attendees enriches the dialogue and decision-making process.

Stay on Topic: Maintain focus. Redirect side conversations to keep the meeting on its intended course.

Utilize Visual Aids: Clarify and engage. Supporting your points with visuals can keep the team’s attention and enhance their understanding.

Summarize Key Points: Reinforce understanding. Periodically recapping discussions helps to cement key takeaways.

End with Action Items: Close with purpose. Clearly defined action items and assigned responsibilities maintain momentum post-meeting.

Follow Up Promptly: Follow through. A swift summary and outline of next steps post-meeting keeps the team aligned and accountable.

Gather Feedback: Iterate and improve. Soliciting feedback on the meeting’s effectiveness can lead to ongoing improvements in the process.

Train in Facilitation: Invest in skills. Facilitation training for leaders can dramatically enhance the productivity of meetings.

Review Meeting Effectiveness: Assess and adapt. Regularly evaluate if meetings are the most effective format for achieving your goals and be willing to adapt as necessary.

By incorporating these 15 strategies, meetings will no longer be the bane of your team’s productivity but a booster, harnessing the collective energy and intellect of your team to achieve more in less time.

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