12 Powerful Ways Leaders Can Help Their Team Be More Successful

Great leaders know they have the power to influence their team’s success. They understand that truly great leadership is about building people up, trusting and empowering them to give their best for a shared goal. Here are 12 of the most powerful ways leaders can create dynamic teams:

Create direction. Providing direction is literally the charge of a leader, so know where your team is headed. Once you have a direction you can create a strategy and execute on the plan.

Ensure that they have adequate resources and training. Don’t just enable your team members to do their current job. Help them to identify room for advancement and develop their skills. Make sure they have the resources they need to excel and reach the next level.

Provide challenges and opportunities. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, and use that knowledge to bring out the best in them.

Establish priorities. If you want your team to focus on what’s most important, let them know what that is. When you leave things open ended, people are uncertain and workflows get muddled.

Show your confidence and conviction. When you show confidence in your team’s skills and conviction, you send a message that they’re not just capable  and qualified but also powerful.

Build on your team’s strengths. Great leaders are able to quickly recognize the skills and expertise of their team members. When you seek out people’s talents, you acknowledge their value—and few things are more motivating.

Collaborate effectively. It is important that a team’s leader is a great collaborator, someone who can forge great relationships. Working together with your team increases trust and transparency, which is at the core of effective teams.

Empower and inspire your team. Give your employees the authority to voice their opinions and take ownership of opportunities. People do more when you trust them to do more.

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Communication is key to a successful and dynamic team. Keep everyone in the loop to make sure everyone has the knowledge they need to stay focused. Craft your messages to inform and inspire.

Hold a positive attitude. A leader’s optimism lights up the workplace. Set an example of positivity, and remember that fun and hard work aren’t mutually exclusive!

Acknowledge and reward. Noticing and appreciating everyday effort as well as extraordinary success has a huge impact. Thank your team at every opportunity, private and public, and reward them in tangible ways whenever you can.

Build mutual respect. You demonstrate respect for your team when you engage with them and work alongside them. And when you show respect, it’s contagious. Leaders who respect their team encourage members to respect one another.

Lead From Within: Great leadership builds great teams. When you invest in people and show confidence in them, they’ll show you great work.

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