12 Distinctive Ways to Impress Your Team That Will Make You Stand Out

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, and we make a life by what we give.”To make a great impression takes much more than just being present: It takes giving fully of ourselves. When we do, great things can happen.Here are 12 unique ways to impress your team.

1. Be true to yourself. Working with a team doesn’t require a special personality or great intelligence. The secret is to be the very best parts of who you are. If you set the right example, you won’t need to worry about being impressive.

2. Be appreciative. Thinking and speaking from the heart, acknowledge and appreciate those who work hard, and have passion for what they do. When you appreciate those around you, you show you care.

3. Be honest. Honesty is the ultimate competitive advantage, and the first chapter when it comes to effective relationships. Most people don’t want perfection; they want truth. There is no stronger foundation between individuals than honesty.

4. Be inclusive. Give those on your team room to grow, to be themselves, and to exercise their diversity, and appreciate their differences. Without diversity we would not be productive , and without inclusion we would not be effective.

5. Be respectful. Are you operating out of respect for each member of your team? If so, you are going to succeed; if not, you’re likely to fail.

6. Be collaborative. The strength of the team is each individual member, and the strength of each member is the team. Those who make the biggest impression are the ones who truly understand that doing something alone is not as powerful as doing something collectively.

7. Be caring. Never stop doing the little things for others. Sometimes it’s those little things that occupy the biggest part of our hearts. If we can shift our focus away from ourselves, if we can extend our care and concern for our own well-being to those around us, the response is likely to be immediate and overwhelming.

8. Be excellent. If you want to do excellent work, you must give your best to everything you do. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better and be better. We are what we repeatedly do; therefore, excellence is not an act but a habit that we create every day in all that we do.

9. Be supportive. Look for ways to give each member of your team more control over their piece of the business to show that you believe in their competence. Bet on people, not on strategies. Believe in their competence and let them surprise you.

10. Be confident. Confidence is not a state of mind but a way of life, not something that you turn on and off but something that you emulate every day. Confidence breeds competence and competence breeds consistency.

11. Be committed. Commitment to a team is critical. It takes the commitment of everyone to truly make things happen. One person who wants something is good; a team who works together to make something happen is great.

12. Be you. Bring your best self to your team and allow them to see your gifts and potential. When you are part of a team, you behave in a defined way to reach a common goal.Many of us work on teams, and those of who don’t work with others in some capacity. To be impressive, we must care for one another without boundaries; we must acknowledge that great work requires inclusion and diversity.


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