10 Ways to Make Sure People Love Working For You

If you want people to love working for you, it’s important that you keep them happy. Many studies and workplace reports show that employee happiness has a direct tie to the bottom line.

Happy people are more creative, innovative and dedicated than their unhappy counterparts. And they are more likely to be loyal and responsible and to stick around for a long time.

It’s the very definition of a win-win situation. And the best way to make it happen is to create an environment and culture that foster employee happiness. Here are some of the most important things you can do:

Make people feel important. When you create an environment in which people feel important, it becomes a place where they want to spend more time. When people know they matter and believe they are contributing in ways that make an impact, they want to stick around and follow the leader who makes them feel significant.

Let people know they’re being heard. It sounds simple enough, but it’s something many leaders don’t bother to do. People want to know someone is listening—really listening. Being heard means that when problems are uncovered, people work together and take action to fix the issues, and it’s an important part of happiness at work.

Deliver praise and appreciation often. Everyone wants to be appreciated and recognized for their efforts, but when things get frantic—as they often do—leaders too often forget the power of simple words like “thank you,” “I appreciate you,” and “I value the work you’re doing.” These simple phrases can be a game changer for how people feel about your leadership.

Make work fulfilling. Everyone wants their work to have a purpose. For people to feel good about the work they’re producing, they need to believe it’s part of something meaningful. It’s your job as their leader to make sure they know what that looks like. Allow people to see the inner workings of the organization from all angles and perspectives. When you do, they feel better connected and more committed to its mission. Success by itself doesn’t breed happiness—it’s the other way around.

Prioritize work-life balance. It is important that people understand you value them as a person. One powerful way to make that happen is to make work-life balance a clear priority. You may want to let people work from home on Fridays, provide discounted child or elder care, or find other incentives that improve people’s overall quality of life. Attention to work-life issues shows you care about your people—at work and away.

Encourage wellness. Encouraging people in wellness and health by supporting positive steps in areas like exercise, diet and meditation will create a lot of happiness. People often work too hard and for too many hours. As a result, they don’t feel well and may become unhappy. Encouraging wellness says you care the people on your team.

Engage in meaningful dialogue. It’s important to engage in meaningful conversations—not only about work but also about deeper issues and what’s going on in people’s lives. Meaningful dialogue connects people in profound ways, and more connected people are happier at work.

Refrain from micromanaging. Employees who feel trusted and supported, without being hovered over, are more relaxed and confident in the work  they do. When you’re tempted to micromanage, remember why you hired your team and trust them to make the right decisions without interference. Giving people the freedom to do their jobs as they think best will keep their confidence high, adding to the success of your organization.

Be accessible and available. If your door is always closed and your tone says “Do not disturb,” people will feel disconnected from the person whose thoughts, opinions and guidance they most need. People want to know that their leader is invested in them. When you are accessible and available, you send a clear message that people can count on you and you’ll be there for them.

Help them grow and develop. There’s no better way to show you care about your people and you’re serious about investing in them as individuals than to foster their personal and professional can growth and development. Your support and encouragement show that you believe in them, you recognize their potential and you want them to succeed as individuals.

Lead from within: If you want people to love working for you, show them the love they deserve and make them happy.


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    Showing small gestures makes a huge difference in the workplace. Thank for sharing your insights.

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    22. May, 2019

    I bring donuts and print funny memes for the office every Friday. It gets people excited. Oh, and all those other things work well too!

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