10 Powerful Things Great Leaders Should Say Every Day

Great leaders understand the power of words. They use their words to inspire, motivate, and guide their team. They also know that the words they choose can have a significant impact on their team’s performance and morale.

Here are 10 powerful things that great leaders should say every day:

“Thank you.” Recognition and appreciation are crucial for building strong teams. Great leaders make sure to thank their team members regularly for their hard work and contributions.

“I believe in you.” Great leaders have confidence in their team’s abilities and regularly express their faith in their team members.

“Let’s work together to solve this.” When faced with challenges, great leaders encourage collaboration and problem-solving instead of assigning blame.

“What do you think?” Great leaders value the input and ideas of their team members and actively seek their perspective.

“Let’s set clear goals and expectations.” Great leaders know the importance of clear communication and setting expectations for their team.

“Let’s celebrate our successes.” Great leaders recognize the importance of celebrating achievements and take the time to acknowledge and celebrate their team’s successes.

“What can I do to support you?” Great leaders understand that their team members may need support and are willing to do what they can to help.

“What have you learned from this?” Great leaders encourage continuous learning and growth and regularly ask their team members about their takeaways from experiences.

“Here’s what I need from you.” Great leaders communicate clearly and directly, setting clear expectations for their team.

“I’m here for you.” Great leaders show their team members that they care about them and are available to support them.

Great leaders know that the words they choose have a significant impact on their team’s success. They know their communication matters. Therefore, they are intentional with their words.

Lead From Within: The most powerful leadership tool you have is your communication what you say every day matters.


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