10 Habits Remarkable People Give Up Every Day

We all have bad days–in our lives, our work, and our leadership. And sometimes we have really bad days, or a succession of them–enough to knock us far off track. They can take a lot of forms:

You didn’t get the funding for your startup.

Someone else received the promotion you wanted.

The feedback on your performance review was less than excellent.

You’ve been laid off, or worse, you have been fired. 

When you get off track, it seems impossible to ever pull yourself together and get to where you need to be.

What we need to do is learn from those who know how to give up on unhealthy habits, an ability which makes them remarkable.

Here is how they do it:

 1. Remarkable people give up playing it safe. No one has ever achieved greatness by playing it safe. And ironically, in this very rapidly changing world, playing it safe is one of the riskiest things you can do. To get back on track means being brave and fearless, because playing it safe is deciding you don’t want to grow anymore.

2. Remarkable people give up self-doubt. The truth, of course, is that everyone experiences self-doubt at times. But you can’t allow your doubt to keep you stuck. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come, remember everything you’ve been through and had to face, think about the battles you’ve won and all the fears you’ve overcome. Don’t give doubt room to take hold.

3. Remarkable people give up being baffled. When things don’t work out and when they go wrong, it’s because there is something for you to learn. But you can’t learn if you’re stuck trying the same thing over and over. Break free and approach problems from a different direction.

4. Remarkable people give up self-judgment. Judging anyone harshly–especially yourself–is never useful, and being overly critical is never productive. If you feel like everyone else is judging you, ask yourself if you’re really hearing your own voice. Treat yourself with the compassion and care you’d give to someone else.

5. Remarkable people give up disillusionment. Nothing worthwhile is easy; the most difficult challenges are often the most rewarding and satisfying.

6. Remarkable people give up being controlled by others. It might be tempting to let others make decisions for you, especially when you feel off track, but if anything, that creates even bigger problems. Tap into your own passion to move beyond the obstacles in your way.

7. Remarkable people give up being stuck. Letting go does not mean giving up but accepting there are things in life that should not be. Letting go is often what it takes to become stronger, happier, and more successful in the long run.

8. Remarkable people give up being derailed. Try to focus on what you are aiming at instead of what is derailing you.

9. Remarkable people give up negativity. Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best thing to happen every time; it’s about accepting that whatever happens is good for the moment and then making the best of it. Be positive and give up focusing on what is negative.

10. Remarkable people give up being perfect. Know that we all have two choices: Either we do nothing and give into procrastination, or we start chasing our dreams, our visions, our ideas. Begin by doing something, don’t wait for perfect. Even if it’s not exactly the right direction, just get up and start moving.

When you find yourself off track–and most of us do–realize there are some remarkable people who have great daily habits that can teach us a thing or two.


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  1. Robert Goos

    25. Nov, 2018

    Very useful inspirational article. Having to close my medical practice after a series of strokes has been devastating. But I am trying to find purpose in my writing. It is a slow process. I fall into many of the traps you listed. I will keep this article on my desk. Thank you.

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  2. Dumezweni Thebe

    26. Apr, 2019

    This is powerful. It really makes a surgery of the realities of life. I got wisdom and direction from this rich article and I no longer feel bitter about myself as I used to before. This is revelation knowledge indeed. Keep on inspiring us and God bless.

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