Lolly Daskal

Your success and failures all rely upon others.

People matter.

It’s starts with the way your relationships influence your life.

We can often trace our greatest achievements and disappointments back to an individual who influenced our lives in some way.

Our parents, spouses, partners, friends, colleagues, business associates, co-workers and neighbors all influence our ways of thinking and decisions.

Our relationships, bonds and connections we form with others can play a pivotal role in the outcomes we experience.

The skills we develop and the people we choose to be parts of our lives will have a profound impact on our lives.

Effective relationships are the very foundation of success.  You would find it very difficult to find anyone you’d consider “successful” who didn’t benefit considerably from the relationships he or she formed.

If you want to reach your potential, you must choose the right people to bring into your life.

Masterminding is a perfect example.

Working with others in this context can be a stepping stone toward success.  The thoughts and influence of others can trigger your own greatness by influencing your worldview and providing you with new, powerful ideas.  Others can make a very positive contribution to your life.

  • Who are the people in your life?
  • What roles do they play?
  • Are they helping you down a path of success or failure?

Your life isn’t a solo act.

It’s a series of collaborations and partnerships.

We need to be grateful to those who help us and to those who show us life’s challenges.

We also need to take care in deciding who we’ll allow to occupy positions of influence in our lives.

While working toward achievement invariably draws our focus inward, we need to combine our introspection with a recognition of what others mean to us.

Don’t lose track of people.  They’re an inevitable part of your leadership legacy.