Lolly Daskal

Can we lead by fear?

Can we motivate when we are fearful?

Strictly speaking, fear isn’t a motivator its a reaction to feeling threatened.

Fear takes over when we act in order to prevent something negative from happening.

The best motivators are positive.

We can rally around them. They connect to us and our sense of what is right and meaningful.

Positive motivations remind us of how good life can be and how we can build a batter life.

Fear, on the other hand, cheapens the process. Instead of taking action because it’s consistent with our personal passions or because it serves a greater positive end, fear forces us to act merely as a means of self-preservation.

Fear is misguiding. When we’re simply trying to avoid something negative, our achievement lacks any greater meaning.

Instead of doing things because they’re right, we do them because of consequences. It robs experience of its meaning and weakens the value of our journey—which is just as important as our destination.

Don’t allow fear to govern your decisions.

Don’t use fear to stay on track with your plans.

Tap into positive forces to guide you.

You’ll get better, more meaningful results.