Lolly Daskal

When we give in to others without knowing why or because the alternative of being responsible bothers us, we leave ourselves open to control and manipulation by those who often have hidden agendas.

Even the most well-meaning people in our lives can’t offer what we can offer ourselves—a real understanding of our dreams, passions and best interests.

Those who feel controlled often carry a burden of guilt and obligation.

They believe themselves to be powerless, wandering around unbalanced, unfocused and uncertain.

Does any of that sound familiar?


Take charge of your life.

Take in interest in you.
Work toward your best interests.

Take responsibility for yourself and make a habit of confronting those things you once sought so desperately to avoid.

Responsibility does require courage.

It forces you to accept your own choices.

It makes you responsible for your own feelings and your own failures.  It also empowers you to take credit for your successes.

Personal power and fulfillment isn’t a matter of controlling others.  It certainly isn’t a process by which you allow yourself to be controlled.

Real self-improvement is a matter of harnessing the power within you to make wise and intelligent choices for yourself regarding all facets of your life.

Being responsible is scary, but the known risks associated with yielding your right to self-determination to someone else should be even more terrifying.  In the end, you need to make a decision.

Is this your life or does it belong to someone else?

Deep inside, we all know that we’re individually responsible for who we are and what we will become.

Only by recognizing this and acting upon it can we experience true freedom and the potential it offers us.