Lolly Daskal

It’s an important question. It goes beyond your name, your job or where you live. Those are all things about you, but they don’t really tell us who you actually are. They’re descriptions of what you are at this moment, but they don’t define you.

What does define you?

What does determine who you are?

The choices you make every day.

That’s profound.

Every day we are faced with choices.

Everyday we make decisions.

All of it matters, what you think, see, do, act– it all effects your future.

It takes all of those other descriptive answers and makes them byproducts of the real you. Realizing that you’re decisions create who you are puts responsibility squarely on your shoulders.

You get to choose who you are. You are in charge. That means you have the power to change yourself and your life. Nothing is written in stone. You are capable of making different and new choices. You can transform your reality and your essence.
Who are you? It’s a great question, but it takes a backseat to one that’s even more intriguing.

Who will you be?

After all, it’s your choice.

You can start making decisions that will lead you in a different direction.

You can decide to become whatever your passions command.

You don’t need to settle for anything less. You can’t be a victim and you can’t be trapped when you realize that your decisions-the choices you make day after day-determine who you are.

So, who will you be? Have you made that choice? If you have, are you making other choices that will lead to that destination? Are leading your life or are you following in your life?

Learn who you are, and be a leader in your life a leader who leads from within. That is where the power is, it resides within you. You need to use it, exercise it in order to make it stronger and more confident. The best among us not more talented than the rest. But they have just made the choices – to pursue who they are.

Who you are defining your future. There are no small choices. As you live your days you are defining your life.