Lolly Daskal

Pondering questions about the meaning of life is not uncommon. Most everyone wants to make a difference in the world. We desire to leave a positive mark on the lives of family, friends and others.

When individuals ask how to discover my purpose for being, it often becomes a liberating experience. Making decisions based on your passions and desires frees you from the mundane. It opens the window to the world of opportunities that are there for the taking.

All creation is unique; no two people are alike. We all have special talents and gifts, whether hidden or overt, they are ours alone. Tapping into the energy source that shapes who we are energizes us. With that, when beginning to realize anything is possible – within the boundaries of society – we can take the limits off our lives, and find meaning.

Begin by asking yourself some questions. Dig deep and get to know who you are and what you like – what you are about. All too often we remain in dull, boring jobs, or relationships that drain us, because we have yet to define what we are here to do. Making conscious decisions, puts you in control of your life, and brings about happiness, fulfillment and meaning.

Ask yourself what excites you. Are you willing to take risks? Are you willing to set goals outside the standard that has been set for the majority? When you identify your passion and reach for your goals, you will gain the respect of others, and make that mark.

Discovering what motivates you, will allow you to answer the question, how to discover my purpose.